Communication and Language Stay and Play

Yesterday, we held our second foundation stage ‘Stay and Play’ parent event.  We had lots of different stations set up and in and outdoors for parents to try with their children,  all of which contribute to children’s communication and language development. Thank you to everyone who braved the rain and came to join us!  


This week in PE we were travelling under, over and through objects, whilst being trains. At the end, we made two long trains and worked in teams to follow the train track without crashing in to each other.  

Making a stick house…

Yesterday, we went to the woods to build the second pig a house made out of sticks. But, the pesky wolf had been around looking for the pig! So we followed his footprints up to the woods, where he was fast asleep and snoring in the swan! We tiptoed past him and luckily, our friend Woody was looking after the pig in his tent.

Woody had chopped us some sticks ready for us to build a stick house for the pig. We worked in small groups and talked about what houses need and then off to work we went. We made two stick houses with doors, windows and chimneys. 

When we tiptoed back through the woods, the wolf has disappeared! We had no idea where he was and then… This morning, Mrs Isherwood received a letter for Nursery from the wolf! He had made us a cake for being good friends and we shared it between us all! 

Friday Scientists 

On Friday we had a fun afternoon in Year 4 experimenting the effects of deforestation. It took a lot of setting up.

First we had to ask Mr Rowe to use a sharp knife to cut holes ready in the bottles. We then added the same amount of  compost into each bottle. After that we had to label each of the bottles A B and C. We added seeds to bottle A, we added leaves and sticks to bottle B and we left bottle C with just compost in. 

Bottle A represented a normal forest, Bottle B represented a forest where the trees had been chopped down and Bottle C represented a forest where everything has been chopped down and the trees have been burnt. 

Next we had to use the bottom part of bottles with string attached to put onto the bottles we had filled with compost and the other items so that we could pour the water in and see how it would come through. We took the lids off the full bottles and began to pour water into the top of the full bottles. 

We noticed that Bottle A had clear water, Bottle B had water with a slight yellow tinge and Bottle C had water with lots of compost in. 

This showed us that the plants hold the soil in place so it does not drain away for Bottle A, the layer of leaves and twigs helps to keep most of the soil in place for Bottle B and there is nothing to hold the soil in place for Bottle C. 

We had lots of fun predicting and it was very interesting to see the results.  


The Three Little Pigs

Last week we started our new Talk for Writing story, The Three Little Pigs. We have book-talked the front cover and discussed the main characters, creating character maps for them. Today, the big bad wolf came to visit Nursery! He is looking for the three little pigs, but we wouldn’t tell him where they were! We made the first house of straw this morning and throughout the rest of the week, we will be working together to make houses for the other pigs. Watch this space to see what we do!

Remember, Remember The 5th of November

This week in Reception we have been learning about the celebration of Bonfire Night. 

We began thinking about how we can stay safe on Bonfire Night.

 We have made Firework biscuits using our fine motor skills and mixing colours. We have made Bonfire pictures mixing yellow and red paint to make orange flames for our pictures. 

 We have watched the colours in fireworks on the Interactive whiteboard and then experimented using our Science skills to mix and created different firework colours. 


Bonfire night

This week we have been talking about bonfire night as part of our ‘week of light’. We thought carefully about safety and listened to Fireman Sam’s ‘safety tips’. Today, we have made our own bonfire and firework pictures, talking about mixing colours and what happens to them. We then made our own sparklers using marshmallows, chocolate and sprinkles and watched a virtual firework display whilst eating them! At the end of the morning, we all went outside to complete a science experiment and make our own firework show! It was a fun end to another busy week in Nursery :).



Every Wednesday, we are very lucky to have Fizzytots come and do a specialist Early Years PE session with us. Each week is a different theme and focus, this week we completed a gymnastics session. We moved our bodies in different ways and attempted various rolls and jumps. We all love our PE sessions and our physical development is really improving!  

Our first day back at Nursery

Welcome back! We have been VERY busy today! We started by sharing our home learning challenges, talking about what we found and where. After this, we learnt about Diwali and made our own lights to celebrate, we then all squeezed into our amazing dark tent to look closely at the bright lights. Evie-Jean also filled us all in about her fun-filled week with the Nursery bear, Twinkle. This afternoon, we have been using our new ICT equipment, making use of our problem solving and coding skills. We’ve all had an action packed day of fun and learning!