Fabulous Elf Run

This afternoon, we did our Elf Run, following our sponsorships for East Cheshire Hospice, where as a school we raised over £2,000!  We then watched Mrs Isherwood and Bethany put their feet in jelly wellies! 


Magic Reindeer Food

This afternoon we have used our magic skills to make magic reindeer food to make sure Sabta stops at our houses on Christmas Eve.

We started with oats…

…Then we added some sparkle and magic dust from Santa…

…then we mixed…

…we then filled our bags with the magic…

…Our finished Magic Reindeer Food all ready for Christmas Eve.


Christmas Craft

Reception have been very busy baking today. 

They have made Christmas biscuits this morning. The children made Christmas wishes whilst they stirred the mixture.  



Super Space Science

On Friday Year 5, were treated to a special visit from two lovely ladies from the space agency. They came to talk to us about Mars and let us do experiments to see which soil was most like soil from Mars. We learnt new scientific skills like filtering, measuring
and using litmus paper to see which sand contained acid. 
Reported by Evie and Elitsa









  We tested if it let water through quickly,if it had salt and if it was acidic.After that we competed our results

Class 1 had a fabulous ‘Christmassy’ Thumbs Up Thursday with their Mum’s, Dad’s and Grandparents today. We had lots to do, making chocolate Yule logs, snowman biscuits, Christmas cards and Mindful colouring. What a great way to end a wonderful term!  


Surprising circuits!

Our topic in Science is Electricity. Today we investigated whether the length of wires has an effect on the component within the circuit. We used an energy stick to create a human circuit. Mysteriously it seemed that Ellie doesn’t allow electricity to pass through her!