Making rockets 🚀

This afternoon, some of us made our own rockets! We used our physical development skills to glue, paint, cut and attach pieces to the bottles to transform them into our amazing rockets 🚀. We talked about where rockets go, what they do and also how they are powered.


Star biscuits

Last week, one of the children asked if we could  make star biscuits. So this morning some of us made the first batch and later in the week, the rest of the children will get the opportunity to as well. 

We talked about how you weigh ingredients and why. Some of us were reading the scales as each of the ingredients were poured in! We then took it in turns to mix the ingredients together, before rolling out the mixture and using star cutters. We all went to the oven and talked about safety in the kitchen, then decorated them when they were cooked. We explored different colours by mixing them together in the icing, one of the children decided they now looked like shooting stars!  

Part 1 of our modroc planet creations…

On Monday, we talked about the 8 planets and looked at their surfaces. We then worked in pairs to make our own planet surface using modroc. We had to stick newspaper down to make it different heights and then dipped the strips of modroc into water before placing it over the paper to cover it. We talked about the different textures of the materials and what we expected to happen to the texture when it dried.   


Today in PE we have started learning new skills. We have begun to learn about how to travel with confidence and skill around, under, over and through balancing and climbing equipment. 


Wednesday Welly Walk

Today was our first Reception Welly Walk. For our first walk we walked to town and went shopping.

Yesterday, we started the story of Littke Red Riding Hood. 



In our Literacy work the children wrote shopping lists for Grandma’s basket. 


Then today on our Welly Walk we walked to town with our shopping list and bought the things we had on our list. 


























Winter Learning Walk

This morning we went to the woods to look for changes in the environment since our last visit. We talked all about Winter and what we expected to find on our trek and then off we went! We described the changes we could see and talked about the texture of the leaves and trees, some of us even turned the trees into instruments! We also used our listening ears to listen for environmental sounds whilst we were walking.  

Learning about Snow! 

Today Reception have had lots of fun learning about the snow: What it looks like, what it feels like, is it hot or cold, what can we make with the snow, what is the difference between ice and snow, which animals like the snow.