Stone circles

On Wednesday afternoon in Class 3 we looked at Stone henge and Stone circles. We worked through three different activities.

One group were reading information from books and recording it, one group were drawing and labelling a diagram of Stone circles and one group were using clay to make their own model of Stone circles.

The children had so much fun and learnt lots too. They shared their facts and discussed them at the end of the lesson. We think that the Stone circles were built to help Neolithic people to know what time of year it was. This depended on the way the sun shone through the Stone circles, it helped them to know when it was the winter soliste and summer soliste, this helped the farmers to know when to harvest their crops.


The learning doesn’t stop in Reception because of the rain…

This afternoon the children put their coats on and hoods up and we ventured outside…the rain didn’t stop us!

The children were busy learning about Autumn changes; collecting the leaves in wheelbarrows.

The children were mixing colours in puddles with paint and making bubbles and marks with brushes and rollers.

The children had to use their social skills to share the equipment too!