Cadbury’s World

We had an amazing time at Cadbury’s World yesterday. We learnt about where chocolate originates from – the Aztecs and Mayans first discovered cocoa beans and made them into a drink.

Then we learnt about the history of Cadbury’s. The company built a whole village for their workers including a school.

We learnt about the Cadbury’s brand and how every milk chocolate bar has the colour purple on it. One section of the tour was all about advertising and the characters they have used. We recognised many of them, which shows how powerful advertising is.

One of the highlights of the day was tasting the melted chocolate! Writing our names in chocolate was trickier then we thought.

Our final activity at Cadbury’s World was the 4D experience where we went on a chocolate roller coaster ride. It felt so real and we even put our hands in the air went we went hurtling down a dip.


World Book Day in EYFS

Today Nursery and Reception celebrated World Book Day with a themed day around the story of Supertato.

We began the day with Supertato story and story sack.  The children could remember what the evil pea had done to the other foods in the supermarket.

Then we enjoyed a PE session about Superheroes and the evil pea from the story.

This afternoon, we enjoyed art activities based around Supertato.  The children tried to catch the evil peas and made their own models of supertato.

To finish the day the children all had a World Book Day Token to take home and spend at WHSmith.

Magnets in Year 1

Yesterday, Year 1 have been busy looking at magnets. We discussed which materials are magnetic and how not every metal is! We then went on a search around the classroom to find which items are magnetic we found lots of things including the table and scissors. Then we had to complete a test to find out how we can get the paperclip out of the cup without getting the magnet wet, this encouraged lots of scientific language in our classroom.

Why did Year 2 learn about nappies today?

This term we have been investigating materials and their suitability for different purposes. Today we talked about all the features a disposable nappy would need: waterproof exterior , soft comfortable and absorbent. We carried out tests on real nappies and also watched a clip about the tests in a real-life disposable nappy factory. After this we worked in teams to design and make the best nappy. We had a range of materials; plastic, cotton wool, sponges, towels, felt, tissue and paper towel. We also had some ‘ magic snow’ this powder absorbs water so behaves in a similar way to ‘sodium polyacrylate’ found in real nappies .

Look at our photos- what a super scientific  afternoon!