Whose poo is it?

Class 1A has had an amazing day, investigating which poo belongs to which African animal! We made sure we had the essentials including safety goggles, gloves and stick to search through the poo for clues. We were able classify the poos into carnivore poo, herbivore poo and omnivore poo just by looking at its contents. We found seeds and grass in one, zebra fur in another and both in the final one. Can you guess which African animals produced them? 

African Drumming!

This week in Year One, we have been learning all about African music and following a patterned beat. The children loved having the African drums (Djembes) out in the classroom. They have learnt the different types of African instruments whilst learning the different sounds they could make on the drums. We apologise for all the noise!

Fun at Lego Land!

What a great day we all had at LegoLand today! From shooting Lego monsters to driving our own Lego police cars, today will be a day we will talk about for a long time! Thank you to our parent helpers, we wwcouldn’t have gone without you! DfvhggghhhhDfff

Exciting experiments!

Wow, what an exciting week Class 1 are having! We have been looking at the effects of coloured water to white flowers. Today we made our 2nd observation and we noticed that the centre of the flowers are beginning to turn red, blue and green. Thanks Mum’s, Dad’s and Grandparents for your help during Thumbs Up Thursday!! We can’t wait to see what has happened tomorrow! Watch this space…

Our Class Assembly!

On Monday the children in Year 1 were allowed to share what we have done this term with all our friends in school as well as everyone who came to watch! We had so much fun and are so happy you all enjoyed it. It meant a lot to the children that you were all able to come and watch them.

Elf Run and Christmas Lunch!

Yesterday saw our Year One’s take part in their Christmas lunch. The children were given the chance to eat their lunch and celebrate Christmas with Mrs Abraham and Mr Capewell, we all had a great time!

img_0643 img_0647 img_0651
We also took part in our Elf Run to raise money for the East Cheshire Hospice. Thanks to everyone’s’ contributions, we were able to raise enough money to beat our target. All of us in Year One and at Marlfields School thank you for your support for this great hospice, and we all wish you a very happy Christmas!
img_0657 img_0663 img_0680 img_0684 img_0686

Class 1 had a fabulous ‘Christmassy’ Thumbs Up Thursday with their Mum’s, Dad’s and Grandparents today. We had lots to do, making chocolate Yule logs, snowman biscuits, Christmas cards and Mindful colouring. What a great way to end a wonderful term!  


School Nativity!

img_0292 img_0295 img_0296 img_0297

Wednesday saw our Year Ones take part in the Key Stage One Nativity play for all who came to watch. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves learning all the songs for everyone, we hope you enjoyed yourselves too! We especially loved our costumes!

We hope everyone will has a great Christmas!

Autumn Term Lap Books


This term, the children have been producing their ‘All About Me’ lap-books. The books are tailored uniquely to each child, whilst inside contains specific details and information about the children and their lives, all designed by them.

The children have vastly enjoyed making these lap-books and wish to make similar pieces next term. We invite you to observe the finished products on our next Thumbs up Thursday.