Why did Year 2 learn about nappies today?

This term we have been investigating materials and their suitability for different purposes. Today we talked about all the features a disposable nappy would need: waterproof exterior , soft comfortable and absorbent. We carried out tests on real nappies and also watched a clip about the tests in a real-life disposable nappy factory. After this we worked in teams to design and make the best nappy. We had a range of materials; plastic, cotton wool, sponges, towels, felt, tissue and paper towel. We also had some ‘ magic snow’ this powder absorbs water so behaves in a similar way to ‘sodium polyacrylate’ found in real nappies .

Look at our photos- what a super scientific  afternoon!

Keeping Safe

Today we talked about materials that are used to keep us safe. We realised that some materials could be seen in the dark however in complete darkness they cannot be seen. We found out some light is needed to reflect the materials. We carried out investigations to find out how reflective different colours were. After this we made our own bike reflectors considering the properties they need: light, reflective and appropriately sized.