Volcanoes Erupt In Year 3

Over the past term the children have been studying all about Volcanoes. We have found out facts about them, how they are formed, where they are located and even been back in time to the town of Pompeii.

The children then made their own volcanoes, planning the steps they would take to build them, what they would need and finally spending lots of ‘messy’ time building them.

We began making them from an old bottle and a piece of cardboard. We then made papier-mâché and built all around the bottle making a cone shape. We then finished off the first design laying strips of paper and made the final structure.

The volcanoes then needed a coat of paint, or two, to make them more realistic adding an extra unique quality to each.

The final part of the design and technology project was to let the volcanoes erupt. Using vinegar and sodium chloride mixed with a little food colouring the children were able to go out and see their volcanoes erupt.

Year 3 Science Week

This week in school the children have been engaged in British Science Week. This years theme was all about growing.

Day 1: We had an exciting morning to find that there had been a crashed spaceship on the school grounds. A letter was found by the crash which we had to decipher. After exploring the crash site we found out more about our visitors from another world. We created presentations to explain about our planet to our new friends and we created new technology to help them with their stay. They seemed to like us so much that they have stayed around for the rest of the week.

Day 2: Today we explored science outdoors. After looking back at our work on volcanoes the children recreated experiments where pressure can move objects or create new things.

Day 3: After learning more about our new visitors we decided to look to the stars. We were lucky to have a planetarium in the school and we were able to sit under the stars and planets and learn more about them and the people who have made space history.

Day 4: We looked back at our work on volcanoes and how important they can be for growth. We have begun an experiment to see how soil infused with ash can help plants to grow bigger and stronger and why countries around the world where there are volcanoes see much larger and healthier crops.

We finished the week with an assembly with the whole school discussing and showing what wonders we have found.

WOW!! What a week.

Year 3 wanted to say a big a thank you to Mrs Isherwood and Mrs Daley for arranging all of our wonderful surprises.

Year 3 Travel into Space

Today the children were given a unique experience to travel into space.
Using virtual reality headsets we were able to blast off from planet Earth and explore the planets in our solar system. The children thoroughly enjoyed this experience, asked lots of questions, found out interesting facts, and wanted to find out more about our planets.

Year 3 World Book Day

The children in Year 3 have celebrated World Book Day by exploring how books can open doors into the world of imagination and adventure. We all dressed up as a character and explored the different worlds where our imaginations take us to.

The children were then asked created a piece of writing on our imaginative worlds and where our minds run away to using all the skills we have developed in our writing in English lessons.

As a whole class we then created our door into all of our imaginations with our favorite characters.

Year 3 Passover Celebration

The children in year 3 have been learning all about Judaism and the festivals celebrated by the Jewish community. We have been focusing on the festival of Passover, why the Jewish people celebrate and the meaning behind all the foods eaten during this celebration.

The children were then given a chance to sample some of the foods eaten during this celebration, reflecting on why they are eaten, remembering the suffering the Israelites faced during their exodus from Egypt.

Year 3 Performing Arts

The children were given an opportunity to join in a performing arts experience. The topic of our lessons in class has been about ‘Volcanoes’ and we were able to express our volcanic work in the form of dance.

After discussing the different styles of volcanoes and the power of them, the children then interpreted this into different dance styles.

Year 3 Science Investigations

During the start of this half term Year 3 have been learning about forces.
We have been doing our own investigations on friction.
First the children investigated how different surfaces could slow down a toy car. This week this the children investigated the forces which occur when we walk and how the grip of our shoes against different surfaces can also affect the way we walk.

Kindness Award

As part of our Anti-Bullying week, each class was asked to nominate someone to be awarded The ‘Marlfields Kindness Award’ . This afternoon we held an assembly on Zoom so that the whole school could come together to celebrate the winners.

It was heart warming to hear some of the reasons why the children had nominated their classmates. Including others, being a good listener, helping and being considerate were just a few of the reasons why they thought their friends should be awarded.

Here are our wonderful winners: