Number line to 1,000

In Class 3 we have been super busy learning about 3 digit numbers. We know how to add and subtract 3 digit numbers and can place them on a number line. This week we did a physical number line and talked about where the numbers would fit into the number line. We also looked at estimating to help support us with our addition and subtraction.

For example the number 138 is closer to 100 than 200.

Times tables

In Year 3 we are working hard to learn our times tables.

We use TT Rockstars regularly but also we have been getting fit by using supermovers to move and sing along to them. We are determined to know the 3 x tables off by heart very soon.


On Wednesday 27th November Year 3 were very lucky and had the opportunity to go to Barclays Bank in Northwich.

We completed lots of different activities, to start we had to work as a team to see who could build the tallest structure with lego, Isaac, Thomas, Oliver and Alfie’s team won – well done boys!

We looked at how to stay safe on the internet and made sure we knew the correct ages to access different social media platforms.

We watched a video of children using a very old computer – it was like a box. Mrs Davies, Mrs Wood and Mrs Daley all remembered the olden days where these were the only computers that existed!

We had a tour of the offices and saw people doing their jobs and we also had the added bonus of seeing the Premier League Trophy!



This week we have been very lucky and have had Mrs Barnes for baking. We decided to go with the theme of Christmas and baked gingerbread biscuits in the shape of gingerbread men and snowmen. We made the biscuits first and when they’d cooled we decorated them with icing and Christmas 🎄 bits and bobs.

They look amazing and tasted delicious too.


Mini teachers!

On Wednesday morning in Class 3, instead of Mrs Daley being the teacher for the whole Maths lesson, Vayun, Isaac and Thomas stepped in. They each worked with a group for a short period of time to support with their Maths learning, they did a fantastic job and the rest of the class enjoyed it too.

Well done boys, it was excellent to see you showing the other children in the class the strategies you use.

Active afternoon

To finish our week off in Year 3 we have been very energetic and done PE in the hall. We have made use of our fantastic new walls. The children all had a turn of clear out and Mr Rowe took down the children’s scores after 30 seconds so now we can hopefully see week on week improvements.

The rest of us did some moving in different ways through the cones and aiming using bean bags.

Such a busy week in Year 3!


This afternoon we have been using dienes to add two 2-digit numbers together. It’s tricky business but we realised that if we swap ten of the ten sticks for a hundred it makes it much easier to work out. We worked in partners so we could help each other.

Stone circles

On Wednesday afternoon in Class 3 we looked at Stone henge and Stone circles. We worked through three different activities.

One group were reading information from books and recording it, one group were drawing and labelling a diagram of Stone circles and one group were using clay to make their own model of Stone circles.

The children had so much fun and learnt lots too. They shared their facts and discussed them at the end of the lesson. We think that the Stone circles were built to help Neolithic people to know what time of year it was. This depended on the way the sun shone through the Stone circles, it helped them to know when it was the winter soliste and summer soliste, this helped the farmers to know when to harvest their crops.


Eco club

To celebrate our final week in Eco club before the half term, the children wanted to go outside and use leaves 🍁 to make faces. We wrapped up, went outside, they made faces, different animals from their house team and some even created nests for birds. We had lots of fun and it was great to see the children working together being so enthusiastic.

Into the Forest 🌳

In English this week we have been looking at the story ‘Into the Forest’. We have worked in groups to look at different pages of the story to try and work out what might happen. The Mum in the story tells the little boy to go the long way round to Grandma’s rather than through the forest, we created a conscience alley to give the boy advice of what to do. We added nouns, adjectives and verbs to the pictures and wrote down questions we’d like to know about the story. We were also introduced to the idea of personification and we worked together to make a class poem.






In our science lessons this half term we have been learning about animals including humans. We have looked at skeletons of humans, animals, the scientific names of these and then moved on to muscles.

Last week we went outside and did different exercises, as we completed them we could feel our different muscles working.

Stone Age soup

Last week Year 3 had the chance to go cooking with Mrs Barnes, to link with our topic of Stone Age the children made Stone Age soup. They used mushrooms, onions, stock cube, milk and water. When they had made the soup we all tasted it and wrote instructions of how to make the soup.


Barclays Bank Visit

Today Year 5 visited Barclays Bank in Northwich. We learnt about using ATMs, PIN numbers, cash back, cheques, direct debits and standing orders. We also learnt about life skills including: self-esteem and confidence, assertiveness and how our emotions and reactions dictate our outcomes. We had a tour and saw lots of employees working mainly on the telephones to customers.

Little Moreton Hall

Today Year 3 had a brilliant day at Little Moreton Hall. We learnt all about life in Tudors times. If you were rich, life wasn’t too bad but if you were poor there were many jobs that were rather unpleasant! The worst one being a gong scourer. We all made a tussy mussy each to ward off bad smells and illnesses. Some of today’s sayings come from the Tudor times – chairman of the board, board games, Sleep tight don’t let the bugs bite. Some of us learnt how to walk properly up and down the Long Gallery. The name Moreton comes from the open mouth of a wolf being called a “maw” and a small barrel called a “tonne”. We would all like to visit again!

Billy Bob Buttons

Today we’ve been really lucky to have a visit from an author. Billy Bob Buttons has written lots of books and taught us about characterisation. He helped us use similes and metaphors to tell our readers about characters. We also used our senses to describe them. We learnt that it is important to make our characters seem real.