Wonderful World of Harry Potter 

On Friday 1st July, some children from year 3,4,5 and 6 went to The Harry Potter Studio tour near London and what a fantastic time that we had 🙂  


Olympic Artwork 

For our school display about the Olympics we learnt about the 2012 Olympics which were held in London. We worked really hard designing then making our final pictures.  Watch this space for final pieces of work and the finished whole school display. 


What a royal day

We’ve had a lovely day celebrating the Queen’s birthday. We had our picnic lunch on the field and then we finished it off with cake AND jelly. We loved our cake the best as smarties all fell out of it after Mrs Boon had cut it open.  Pictures of the cake to follow…


Dewa Roman Experience 

We had a fantastic day in Chester, learning all about the Romans.  We were all on our best behaviour and really demonstrated how well we can all listen.



We were lucky enough to get to experience playing golf and wow some of us have got a really good swing!  Even Mr Rowe had a go and he wasn’t too bad either.



This afternoon, Key Stage 2 were treated to a production of Macbeth. Then afterwards the actors and actress answered some of our questions.  

 Can you remember who wrote Macbeth?