Year 5 had an illuminating experience when they went to Daven to learn about the science of fireworks.


Nature Shoe Boxes


This week at Marlfields it has been Forest School week. Today we designed and created nature shoe boxes. We worked in our teams (Polar Bear, Snow leopard, Panda and Orangutan) to create the habitat of our adopted animals. Can you tell which habitat belongs to which animal?



Class 5 Assembly

Today Year 5 performed their assembly. It included topic work, English, a retelling of Beowulf, Science, DT and even a Maths dance! The children have worked exceptionally hard this year and it shows in how much progress they have made. Well done Year 5!


Our Clonter Opera performance

We had a super day at Clonter Opera making costumes for characters in the design workshop and then performing our Space adventure on the stage. We had to compose the music and songs we used as well as having sound, lighting and stage engineers. A great time was had by all and a big thank you to all the people at Clonter Opera who helped us to give a brilliant performance.

Watoto Choir Performance

Today at Marlfields we were extremely lucky to be visited by the Watoto Choir. We were entertained, we sang and we danced enjoying every minute – even Miss Booth and Mrs Radcliffe performed on stage.

Year 5 had a party lunch with them and the took the out to play. In the afternoon, we made kites and tested them out. Mrs Isherwood sang “Let’s go fly a kite.” for most of the day!

We had a wonderful and are so fortunate that we spent it with the Watoto Choir.



Jodrell Bank

Last week we went to Jodrell Bank as part of our topic Space. We researched information about the planets in our solar system and other galaxies. The Lovell Telescope is used to search galaxies for other life forms. It is not a telescope that you look through because it uses radio waves. We took part in workshop about keeping healthy in space as well as trying out equipment the astronauts use on the space station.  Next we learnt how rockets are propelled in to space using fuel.  Our second workshop was about the Mars Rover mission. We worked in teams to make a Mars Rover landing craft. It had to protect its cargo when landing on Mars. To do this our cargo was an EGG. Several of the craft didn’t protect the egg enough and so there was plenty of yolk! However, one team was successful. Maybe these will be spacecraft engineers in the future.