Children in year 5 had a visitor from medieval Congleton.

The children were met by Goodwife Copper who showed them how people dressed, what they ate and how they lived in the Medieval times in Congleton. She told them that as workers in these times they wouldn’t be able to wear any bright colours such as red as that was only worn by lords and the king. Purple was reserved just for the king! Then they were shown the names of jobs the peasants would do to earn a penny a month.

Year 5 Science Week

Year 5 enjoyed science week. we were lucky enough to be visited by the Wonder Dome, a traveling planetarium! The children enjoyed the immersive view of the universe and a birds eye view of life as an astronaut. we also visited the alien crash site that appeared over night in the quad. the children imagined what the aliens would want on earth and how to welcome them. we also designed our own aliens.

Monet Impressionists

Year 5 have been studying the impressionist painter Claude Monet.
We have looked at his use of brush strokes, the choice of colours and the way the same scenes change throughout the seasons.

Our skills started inside the class, creating our own colour palettes and developing brush strokes similar to Monet.

Taking our palettes and sketch pads outside it was time paint the wonderful views around our school.

After lots of concentration and hard work it was time to show off our impressionism art. What do you think Claude Monet would think?

Year 5 Visit Astbury Mere

Over three half days Year 5 had the opportunity to visit the amazing water sports and outdoor centre at Astbury Mere.

Day 1 – The children got the chance to paddle-board, kayak and canoe onto the lake, each activity requiring a particular challenge. We even had a few visitors who wanted to explore, they were a little quackers.

Day 2 – Year 5 were given the opportunity to build their own raft which would then be cast onto the lake. With a little help from one another all the class were able to set sail, however, not all were able to stay aboard.
“Man overboard!”

Day 3 – Leaving their sea legs behind the children explored the world of ‘bush-craft’. Orienteering and fire building were today’s missions, as well as a cheeky toasted marshmallow.

Year 5 Sports Day

Today year 5 and 6 joined forces to compete in Sports Day.
The temperature was hot and so was the competition.

After a hard day of sports an ice cream was the perfect end to an amazing day as a treat from the school. Thank you Mrs Isherwood.