An Emotional Day of Goodbyes

Yesterday was a very emotional day of goodbyes. I’ve had the pleasure of watching your children grow and flourish over the past two years (some even less) they are lovely children who all have the potential for achieving great things.

I hope that the children and parents keep in touch. I also would like to thank everyone for all of the gorgeous and extremely thoughtful gifts.#dreambelieveachieve

Road Safety Awareness

On Thursday 14th June, Year six participated in a safety awareness where we were taught about why we should wear our helmet, the green cross code,importance of wearing a seatbelt, dangers of playing in the street and when you’re in a car not to listen to music without head phones because it may distract the driver.We thank Joanne from the Cheshire Fire Service for coming to our school.

A day with Robo

This morning, my class (class 6) took part in assembling a robot with Karol Langer (a robot designer). We all enjoyed it and we were all grateful that we received the opportunity
To start with, we were divided into groups of three. My group was me Lily and Ella-Everyone worked together and created a working moving robot. It was very fun.
First, we used the motors (like the legs) to construct a stable base. My group used connectors pins and beams (part of the set) with the motors so it looked amazing.
After this, we added the controller (like the brain) and the sensor (it made the robot turn away from obstacles) the machine would work. The final step is to build the robot is to decorate it. My group and several others added wings.
Finally, we tested them out and had a race. Some of us had to adjust a couple of things like the direction of the sensor.

Junior Orchestra Assembly

Key Stage 2 were treated to an exciting assembly all about Congleton Junior Orchestra. We all took part in a game of Name that tune’ where we all were able to say what song each was and the instructors were ever so impressed by our musical knowledge.

There will be an open day from 10-12pm at Trinity Church on June 16th, where there will be games and opportunities to try out the different instruments.

Mocktail Making

Wow- we had a super last afternoon of the half term. We learned all about ratio and proportion and then put our skills to the test to make mocktails. We were given 4 different juices to choose from and had to measure then find the percentage, fraction and then the ratio. We finally got to test our new creations.. Some of us enjoyed and some didn’t.

Have a fab Easter!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a drone! Drones Workshop

Wow what a fantastic day Year 6 (as well as some superstars from Year 5) have had!

We had a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) themed day where the children became engineers to code and program the drones to complete 3 challenges. Because the children all behaved so well, they were given an air show challenge , where they were able to do code their drones to do various flips and turns.

Days like today really show how much resilience our children have as they kept on trying and learnt from their mistakes.