Creating Shape Pictures

This week preschool have been learning about 2D shapes. We have looked at a circle, rectangle, square, triangle, diamond and a star. We have completed a shape hunt and even created shapes using string. Lastly, we have created our very own shape pictures using all the shapes we have learnt about.

Easter Fun In Nursery

In Nursery we have made lots of lovely Easter treats. We began by making Easter nests by breaking the chocolate and then mixing in the cornflakes. We then carefully spooned the mixture into the cake cases and sprinkled chocolate over the top. The children then used the left over chocolate to create Easter shaped treats.



Science Week In Nursery

All week Nursery have been planting their own flowers. We talked about what a flower needs to grow- sunshine, water and soil. The children then decorated their own plant pots and planted their flower.

Nursery have also spent today looking at the story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. We listened to the story and then discussed what food the caterpillar ate in the story. We looked at an apple and a pear and described what they felt like and the colours we could see. After that, we printed pictures of butterflies using the fruit and even made fruit kebabs!

A Busy Tuesday For Nursery

Yesterday, Nursery had a very exciting visitor. As we are looking at people who help us for our current topic Congleton Police came to see us. They talked about what uniform they have to wear and why, What they do within the local community and even let us try on some of the police uniform. After all that excitement Nursery were able to sit in the police car and turn on the siren.


After that we made our very own pancakes! We discussed that an oven is hot and how to be careful in a kitchen. Once we had made our pancakes we picked what healthy toppings we wanted.

Gingerbread pizza


Nursery have been very busy this morning making pizzas in the shape of gingerbread men for our ‘Marvellous Me’ topic. We used tomato and herb pizza topping and cheese followed by chopped up peppers for the eyes, nose and mouth, one child even gave their gingerbread man eyebrows!

I am sure you’ll agree they look very tasty!

Gruff Learning

Today Nursery went on an exciting visit.

We went to Gruff Learning where we saw chickens, goats and an alpaca. We were able to feed the chickens and the goats and listen to the sounds they made.

We had lots of fun!