Yummy Chocolate Cake!

Carrying on from last week, Nursery looked at unhealthy foods. We decided as a class we wanted to make some chocolate cakes with chocolate chips!

We worked on our fine motor skills by mixing the mixture and we counted all our cake cases. We counted up to 20 cakes all together!



Nursery’s Healthy Week

This week Nursery have been looking at healthy and unhealthy foods. We started the week learning about how to look after our teeth and how long 2 minutes really is!


Today we decided we wanted to make healthy fruit kebabs. We talked about all the different colours, smells and textures of the fruit and then made our own fruit pattern. The best part was when we got to eat them!


Woodland Wednesday

Yesterday, Nursery used their maps to help them navigate their way around the forest. They found all the hidden animals from our talk for write story by using their super eyes and team work.

Once we had followed our maps and found all our animals we listened to story ‘What a Ladybird Heard’ making sure we asked lots of questions!



Mark Making Madness

Today in Nursery we have been super busy!

Whilst listening to classical music we drew on a large piece of paper how it made us feel. We talked to our friends if the music made us feel sad, happy or even excited.

We also talked about what colour crayon we would like and also how we should be holding it.

After we had drawn what the music made us feel we had to use our listening ears to listen to the instructions Miss Langford gave us!

We drew big circles and zigzag lines.


Easter Cooking!

Nursery have been very busy cooking up some lovely Easter treats! We worked on our physical development by stirring our treats and pouring the chocolate into the mold. We were very careful making sure that our chocolate went into the mold and not the table! We also picked the colour of our cases for our Easter nests.

Science Week

As this week is science week Nursery made some flying superheroes. We decided that we could use balloons and talked about if we blew the balloon up and let it go the superhero would fly. We then raced our flying superheroes to see who’s superhero went the furthest.


We have also been busy practicing our pencil grip and our writing for our new sensory area coming soon in our playground!


Nursery Spring Walk

This week Nursery have been looking at all things Spring!

We went on a Spring walk using our magnifying glasses and binoculars looking all around our school. We found lots of interesting things such as new flowers and ducks on the pond.


We then came inside and had a look at some flowers. We talked about how they smelt, what they felt like and the colours we could see. We were excellent at using our describing words!

Celebration Week In Nursery

This week Nursery have looked at all the celebrations that have happened throughout the week.

We firstly made pancakes on Tuesday and talked about how pancakes cook. We all had a go of shaking the pancake mix so that it was ready to cook.

We then picked our own healthy toppings for our pancakes.

Today we have looked at Valentines day. We made our own love heart biscuits where we all had a go of stirring the mixture and using the heart cutter to make our biscuits.


Road Safety Week

This week Nursery have been looking at road safety and how to stay safe on the roads.

The children have learnt that green means go, yellow means slow and red means stop.

We have also worked on our physical development by making traffic light jelly! We used our pouring and stirring skills whilst talking about how the jelly melted.

We also made our very own traffic lights where the children told us what each colour meant.

Jumping In The Puddles

This week Nursery have loved jumping and mark making in the puddles. We talked about all the different weather types and how we can use our mark making tools and the coloured water to decorate the playground.

The Nursery children were developing their physical development and communication and language skills during outside play. They enjoyed jumping in the puddles, making bubbles and mixing chalk with water to see how the water changed.