Baking with Mrs Barnes

In Reception this week we have had Mrs Barnes with us in our class to do some baking.

Each group of children made a chocolate cornflake cake.

The children observed the changes of the chocolate when it got hot and melted.

The used their gross motor skills to mix the chocolate and cornflakes together by stirring.

Then the children had to use their hand and eye co ordination to spoon the  mixture into the cases.

Learning about different celebrations

This week in Nursery we have been learning about different celebrations and traditions and why we celebrate them.

Bonfire Night

We have made pictures to represent fireworks using paint.

We made pictures using chalk and collage pieces.

Remembrance Day

We have thought about the Poppy symbol and the different colours.

Trekking Tuesday

This week we went on a colour hunt.  We had to be colour detectives and look for the colour red.  We found it in lots of different places around school.


This week in Nursery


In our music time this week we have been making loud and soft sounds with the instruments.

We have added sounds to the story of The Pied Piper during our Phonics session.

We have started the story of Whatever Next by Jill Murphy.  We have started to explore our new role play area of the bears house.

Learning about our Senses!

Yesterday in Science we have been finding out about the different senses and what we use each sense for.

We began our investigation by looking at our faces and the different parts of our face.

The first sense we learnt about was our sense of sight.  We used mirrors to look at our faces.

We then moved onto our sense of hearing.   We listened to different noises.

We then learnt about our sense of smell.  We had to smell different mystery smells and guess what they were.  One was coffee, one was curry, and one was nutmeg.

We then found out about the sense of taste.  We had to be really brave and taste the different mystery foods; one was lemon juice, one was blackcurrants, one was sweet and sour and the final one was salt and vinegar.

The final sense we learnt about was the sense of touch.  We had to describe the different textures of different objects.

Overall, we concluding our learning by labeling the different senses.


Fantastic Flowers.

Flowers are not just pretty petals and pollen. This afternoon we dissected our flower and found out that they are actually made up of lots of different parts.

Once we had dissected the flower, we labelled the different parts.

Next we are going to find out what each part does.

Amazing Autumn!

Since September in Nursery the children have been finding out about the changes to the environment in the season of Autumn.

The children have been in the outdoor area finding out about the different changes that occur.

Once we had collected lots of leaves we brought them back inside and used paint to make leaf print pictures.


We have also looked at the different patterns on the trees and made bark rubbings using wax crayons.

Today, we have had lots of fun describing the different textures, colours, and sound of the Autumn leaves.

This week in Reception

We have had a busy week in Reception.

We are learning about the story of Owl Babies.  The children are learning to retell the story using a story map to help them.

We have learnt about where Owls live and went to the woods to make nests for the owls to live in using sticks, leaves and feathers.

Whilst we were in the woods we used our Space, Shape and Measure skills to look at the shapes and sizes of the different Autumn leaves.

In our Phonics work we have been learning new letters and sounds.  We have even been practicing writing the grapheme; s and a.

Busy Bees

This afternoon we have been busy making Bee pencil toppers to sell during our enterprise week. We will be selling them all week as part of our enterprise for £1


All the money raised will be donated to the Manchester appeal.

Half Term Hatchings!

The children in Reception have been learning about minibeasts and the life cycle of a caterpillar this half term. 

We revieved 5 very small caterpillars on Tuesday 2nd May and the children have looked after them and they have grown and grown.

On the 16th May the caterpillars then made cacoons and the children have waited patiently.

Today, at Miss Barber’s house 4 Painted Lady Butterflies have hatched. We are still waiting for one to hatch.