Our last ‘As Time Goes By’ Club

This morning was our last time Reception visited Trinity Church Cafe as part of their project ‘As Time Goes By’.

The children talked about how they have grown and changed so much in their first year at school.

The children and adults made face biscuits and enjoyed eating them at snack time too!

There were some birthdays today too…it was Judith and Judith birthday.  So we celebrated with a birthday cake for them and we all sang Happy Birthday.

We finished our session with our Rhyme Time.  The children also performed their Teddy Bear Rock n Roll song and dance for everybody.

The children had made a card to thank Derek for letting us spend time and activities with everybody at Trinity Cafe.

Reception at Teddy Bears Picnic

During this Summer Term the children in EYFS have had music lessons delivered by Love Music Trust as part of our learning in Expressive Arts and Design.  The project has been based around the character of Barney Bear at the Seaside.  The children have learnt lots of different songs and music skills.

On Friday to celebrate our learning and development within the area of music Reception and Nursery went to take part in a celebration concert at Clonter Opera and a Teddy Bears Picnic.  The children all had a great time and they performed in the celebration concert brilliantly.


Reception This Week!

This week the children have been busy in the kitchen with Mrs Barnes.

The children have been creating delicious snack time fruit creations linked to our story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

The children have been learning how to cut fruit with a knife safely and with control.

As Time Goes By Club Session 2

Today the children went on their second visit to share time together with the older members of the community at Trinity Church Cafe.  The children took their chicks with them to introduce to their new friends.

The children began by sharing their experience of hatching chicks with everyone.

We then all shared a story together about Dora’s eggs.

The children and adults then shared a craft activity making pictures about the story of Dora and her chicks.

To finish out time together we finished with Rhyme Time – the children chose some of their favorite Nursery Rhymes to sing.

Chick Update

The children have been busy looking after the chicks since they have hatched.

The children had to set up a brooder box for the chicks to move into once they had left the incubator.

The children have been enjoying the chicks – giving them lots of cuddles, and having fun with them.


Week Beginning – 29.4.19

This week in our Maths work the children have been learning about the differences between flat and solid shapes.

The children have learnt about cubes, cuboids, spheres, cylinders, cones and pyramids.

The children have then made models with solid shape building bricks.  They made houses, castles, robots, animals, boats and trains.

As Time Goes By Club

Today the children in Reception went along to our first ‘As Time Goes By’ Club.

We are taking the children to work with older members of our community at Trinity Methodist Café every month for a range of stories, music, crafts and activities.

We began our session by giving the older people a small gift and postcard we had made yesterday, we then all made pictures of ourselves – young and old.

We enjoyed our snack time and finished our club with Rhyme Time singing songs and rhymes.

This week in Reception – w/b 18.3.19

Some of the children have had the opportunity to work with our school therapy dog – Coco.

In our Maths work this week we have been using the part part whole representation to solve addition number problems.

In our Science work we have been continuing with learning about different materials.  We have learnt about what objects are magnetic.  We went on a magnetic hunt using magnets.



Science week in year 4

We had a super week of science and investigated lots of different things.

we thought about how the length of a helicopter’s blades could effect how well if flew.


We considered how we would make it a fair test and made accurate measurements

Olivia and Talula thought about the different types of exercise that would keep our bodies fit and healthy

We investigated the idea that if you drop a piece of toast, it will always land butter side down!

We tested to see if the height it was dropped, the size of the piece of the variety of topping made  difference to this theory.

We have also bought about how finger prints are taken. We experimented with a range of different of different ways to see which gave us the clearest and mot detailed print.

A Busy Week in Reception – w/b 11.3.19

It has been a very busy week in Reception! It has been Science week and the children have been investigating different materials linked to our story of The Three Little Pigs.

We started the week sorting different materials

In PE this week we have been performing our gymnastic skills we have learnt over the term so far.


We have finished the week by investigating the best material to make a house for the three pigs.  Some children used straws to make their houses, some children used sticks, and other children used bricks to make their house.  Once the children had made their houses The Big Bad Wolf came and tested them out, by trying to blow them down.

We found out that the strongest material were the bricks and the wolf couldn’t break the houses.

We have shared our Science investigations with our parents this week too!