Exploring the environment in the woods.

Foundation Stage went to the Woods on Wednesday for their ‘Wood Wednesday Session’ The children explored the woodland environment by having a treasure hunt looking for different objects we find in the woods. The children had to find 1 green leaf, 2 brown leaves, a pine cone and a small stick.

To finish our session we enjoyed the story of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. After the story we thought about what we had learnt about the character of The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

EYFS making a ‘Wormery’

This week we have continued our work about ‘Superworm!’ The children have created their very own wormery to watch and observe how worms make tunnels and holes into the soil.

The children had to make layers of soil and sand and then top the wormery with leaves and sticks.

The children are enjoying watching the worms make their tunnels now…

We have also made a story map of our own to help retell the story of ‘Superworm!’ We have been telling the story to our friends.

Worm Hunting!

This week the children in EYFS have started their new topic based around the book of Superworm by Julia Donaldson. At the beginning of the week we enjoyed watching the animated version of the story. We have then made our very own worms by wrapping wool around a card shape worm. Then we have ended the week going for a worm hunt to find out where worms live.

A Crash Landing!

Today we started Science week with a Crash Landing!

The children in used all of their skills to work out what had happened. They decided it was an alien spaceship. The children have had lots of fun using their speaking and listening skills, teamwork, aiming high and staying positive skills in a range of continuous provision learning activities.

Pancake Day!

On Tuesday the children in Foundation Stage celebrated Pancake Day. We began our celebrations by sharing the story; Mr Wolf’s Pancakes. The children learnt about which ingredients we needed to make pancakes.

The children really enjoyed eating their pancakes!


This week in Foundation Stage a crime was committed! The Reading Corner in our room had been wrecked by person or persons unknown.
Who could have committed such a crime?

The children had found clues near the crime scene; footprints and mud. The children thought we better ring 999 for the police! Today PC Ben Shore came along to investigate. He talked to the children about upholding the law and the difference between doing something good or bad. The children were fascinated. Following the chat, he produced some pieces of police uniform for the children to try on.

Later, the children all went outside to look at the police car. They were
allowed in the back and front, and many of the children pressed the siren
– they really enjoyed doing that!

Helping Hospitals

As part of our people who help us topic we have been learning about different people who help us in our local community. The children began their topic learning about the people who help us when we are ill at the doctors or hospital.

We started the week by creating our very own Foundation Stage Hospital.

The children had great fun being doctors and nurses making everyone better.

The children became very interested in X Rays and the bones we have in our bodies. The children looked at X Ray pictures of different body parts and then created their own pictures of the bones in their bodies to create skeleton pictures.

Firefighter Fun

As part of our people who help us topic we have been learning about different people who help us in our local community. Last week we learnt about the fire service.

The children learnt about what the fire service do. The children had lots of fun in our outdoor area pretending to be fire fighters.

The children were very interested in the fire engine. The children made their own fire engines. They used a non fiction book about fire fighters to find about the different parts of a fire engine.

The children in Foundation Stage 2 worked in teams to create junk models of fire engines.

The children in Foundation Stage 2 painted pictures of fire engines.

The younger children in Foundation Stage 1 made a BIG fire engine to play in.

Hospitals and Doctors

This week in Foundation Stage we have started our topic based on People Who Help Us. We have started to think about the people who help us when we are ill or hurt.

The children have created their very own Marlfields Hospital.

The children were very interested in X Rays and the bones in their bodies. We have looked closely at X Ray images of parts of the body and then made our own skeleton pictures.