A visitor in Year!

To end our science week, Mr Challiner came to talk to us all about mining. It was fascinating to learn about how diamonds were mined and how mines work.

We were also given the opportunity to ask questions about a miners work and about how rocks were formed.

Mr Challiner then set us a challenge to draw one of machines that was used in the mines of the Queens crown which houses the famous Cullinan Diamond.

Runners up were Zack Coates and Olivia Holt.


The winners were Joe Dale and Lucas Archer.

Thank you very much Mr Challiner for taking the time to come and talk to us.

Our eggs have hatched!

After all the waiting and watching for cracks to appear… the eggs started to hatch

When the children came into school on Wednesday they had 7 very cute chicks.  The children were very excited.

Today, we moved the chicks out of the incubator into a brooder box, where the chicks ave more space to move, food, water, and a heat lamp to keep them warm.

We even got the chicks out of the brooder box for a little play and so they could start to get to know us all.

The chicks were very tired after all that playing.  When they went back into the brooder box they all went fast asleep.


Volcanic Eruptions in Year 3

This afternoon we took our volcanoes outside and simulated an eruption.

First of all we tried 2 tbs or bicarbonate of soda, 1 tbs of washing up liquid and 30ml of vinegar. This wasn’t very successful and Miss Booth’s Volcano didn’t erupt. We then thought about how we could cause a bigger reaction and came up with out own quantities.








Here are some of the results.


We then had a go using coke and mentos. The reaction wasn’t quite as fierce as we had expected. I wonder what we could have differently?



Welly Walk Wednesday!

This week we went out and about in the very cold frosty weather.

We went to find a bridge to act out the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff going over a bridge.

Whilst we were out and about we practiced our number recognition skills from our Maths work.

We looked for numbers on the houses and number plates.

Bridge Building Skills

This week we have improved our bridge building skills following on from our STEM activity last week.

Our next step to develop our construction skills was to understand what a bridge is and how a bridge works.

We looked at pictures of bridges and understood that water can go under the bridge and people or transport over the bridge.

We made a large river across the classroom floor and the children had to make a bridge that went over the water using lego.

Art Collages

As the children are learning the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff in Literacy and in Science they are looking at the similarities and differences of different materials.  We thought we would transfer our skills about materials into our Art work by experimenting to create different textures with different materials to produce a collage piece of work.

The children had a piece of card divided into three sections representing the different scenes in the story…

…the children had to decide which material they could use to represent the texture of soil…

…then they had to think about different textures for the river…

…and finally the texture of the ‘fresh green grass’.

Can You Make a Bridge?

On Monday afternoon, Miss Barber set the Reception children a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths) challenge.  I asked the children if they could make a bridge to help The Three Billy Goats Gruff cross the river.

To begin the challenge we all looked at lots of different pictures of bridges and then the children were presented with a selection of building materials…tape, card, paper, wooden sticks, straws, cardboard tubes, string, and ribbon.

The children really enjoyed the activity; it really made the children think about what a bridge is and what it has to look like.

Wednesday Welly Walk

In our Science work this week we having been learning about different types of weather and the different clothing we wear for different weathers.

On Wednesday it was a very rainy morning – we decided to go and experience the rainy weather in our waterproofs and wellington boots.

Before we went outside we discussed the question: ‘What is rain?’ and ‘What do we use water for?’

When we got outside we had lots of fun…jumping in the puddles, making bubbles with washing up liquid, making puddles change colour with paint, and mixing colours with chalk in the puddles.

Then at lunchtime a rainbow came out in the sky, so we extended our learning about what happens when rain and sun mix in the sky.