PE at Home!

Ministry of Sport (Nathan and his team) have created home PE workouts on their website for you to enjoy at home.

The aim of these videos is to keep children active whilst at home and giving them simple plans and videos to follow that can easily be done at home either inside or in the garden. All sessions include a warm up, a short workout and some technical practices that only require basic equipment that can be easily replaced with household items if necessary (use your imagination).

They will keep updating their web page with new sessions, videos and challenges. They have split the sessions up in to different categories from Fizzytotz (Early Years Programme), to different sports. These plans will need to be accessed via a laptop or computer to view the videos, otherwise the invididual vidoes have been put under each specific session plan.

Have a go at all the sessions and see how you get on! We would love to see how everyone is going on with these sessions so please send us your videos or photos using Class Dojo.

If you would like to join in with these Home PE workouts follow the link below:

Username: m4s-home-pe
Password: ministry4

Or find Ministry 4 Sport on: Facebook – Ministry 4 Sport                       Twitter – @m4sport Instagram – ministry4sport

Early Years Fun at Gruff Learning

Today Reception and Nursery had a great time at Gruff Learning. The children enjoyed a themed day around the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff. We started the day with the story.

Then we went to feed the chickens, sheep and the goats. We also met The Alpacas.

We then made crafts based around the story – The Three Billy Goats Gruff. A Goat Puppet, A Clay Troll and An Alpaca.

After our lunch we went to the outdoor area for outdoor learning.

Then it was time for home after a very busy fun day!

Reception Robots

The children shared the story of Harry and The Robots.

The children then played a game – they pretended to be Robots and Miss Barber gave them instructions using her controller.

Then the children thought about the different ways to control or program a robot. The children explored how to program Beebot robots and then how to program our new robots.

World Book Day in EYFS

Today Nursery and Reception celebrated World Book Day with a themed day around the story of Supertato.

We began the day with Supertato story and story sack.  The children could remember what the evil pea had done to the other foods in the supermarket.

Then we enjoyed a PE session about Superheroes and the evil pea from the story.

This afternoon, we enjoyed art activities based around Supertato.  The children tried to catch the evil peas and made their own models of supertato.

To finish the day the children all had a World Book Day Token to take home and spend at WHSmith.

Pancake Day in Reception

Today the children have celebrated ‘Shrove Tuesday’.  The children began the day by sharing a story all about Pancake Day and learnt from the story the ingredients you need to make pancakes and how to make pancakes.

The children then went onto having the pictures from the story and they had to put them in the correct order to tell Miss Barber – how to make pancakes.

The children also made and ate pancakes – they were delicious!

The learning doesn’t stop in Reception because of the rain…

This afternoon the children put their coats on and hoods up and we ventured outside…the rain didn’t stop us!

The children were busy learning about Autumn changes; collecting the leaves in wheelbarrows.

The children were mixing colours in puddles with paint and making bubbles and marks with brushes and rollers.

The children had to use their social skills to share the equipment too!

Our last ‘As Time Goes By’ Club

This morning was our last time Reception visited Trinity Church Cafe as part of their project ‘As Time Goes By’.

The children talked about how they have grown and changed so much in their first year at school.

The children and adults made face biscuits and enjoyed eating them at snack time too!

There were some birthdays today too…it was Judith and Judith birthday.  So we celebrated with a birthday cake for them and we all sang Happy Birthday.

We finished our session with our Rhyme Time.  The children also performed their Teddy Bear Rock n Roll song and dance for everybody.

The children had made a card to thank Derek for letting us spend time and activities with everybody at Trinity Cafe.