Sport Relief 2018


  • £1 for trainers all week (this is also to enable us to be active more often and quicker!)
  • £1 Staff vs Pupils Football Match on Friday (we have 51 children so far!)
  • £1 Raffle (the prizes are sports related)

Thank you for all of your support so far – it is all for a great cause!

There are also in school competitions and break/lunch time competitions going on all week. We are going to revel who has completed the most miles and challenges on Friday!

Here is a glimpse of the start of Year One’s Sport Relief activities – our mile a day run and supermovers challenges.

Another great STEM Club

This week, the children in STEM Club became engineers! They had a challenge to see how tall they could make a structure using only dried spaghetti and marshmallows. We had great fun working out how to make our structures stronger and decided that Mia’s structure was the best!


Super Science Week

Wow, what a way to start Science Week! Mrs Abraham introduced STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) through some exciting investigations. We found out all about the fabulous activities and challenges that will be taking place over the week. We will be having a Celebration Assembly on Friday at 2.30pm where members of each class will explain what they have taken part in and learnt over the week. Please come and join us in assembly on Friday, to find out what we have all done!

The UK and Far Away… England and India

This week, we have been focusing on the British Royal Family. We watched the Queen’s coronation and compared it to Elsa’s from Frozen! We then thought about and used ICT resources to find the answers to our questions about the Royal Family. We have also been using atlases to map the 4 countries of the UK.

This afternoon we focused on India. We talked about the difference between English and Indian weddings, with one of our class telling us all about an Indian wedding they went to. We also looked at the Taj Mahal, the different religions in India, where India is in the world and how much bigger it is than England. We then worked in talk partners to draw the Indian flag and write 3 interesting facts we had learnt over the afternoon. We then had a go at making our very own vegetable samosas and also tried poppadoms!



Year One had a very big shock today when we returned from break time! Sunny the Meerkat was… GONE! We walked into the room to find chairs up-turned, paper and lunch bands thrown across the floor and huge footprints across the room! We then found a letter labelled ‘Year One’, this provided us with the evidence to confirm our suspicions; Sunny had been taken by a jackal!

We received a letter from ‘Mr Jackal’ explaining that he was taking Sunny back to the Kalahari desert. We are pretty sure Sunny didn’t want to go though, so we discussed the rights and wrongs about people making others do things they don’t want to. Mr Jackal’s letter explained that there was only one way to get Sunny back – we had to leave him biscuits and write a letter to him explaining why he should return Sunny!

We then found a map in the classroom, scratched off on the map was the UK. We then located the Kalahari desert in Africa to work out the route Mr Jackal would take to get back there with Sunny. We worked out he would pass through many different countries and made our own route using arrows. We then each took it in turns to located somewhere we had been on holiday, making great use of our map and reading skills.

Year One turned into real detectives and came up with some fantastic solutions! One of the class suggested setting a trap to capture him. Miss Carter has ensured that there are biscuits left for Mr Jackal over the weekend and Year One will begin their letter of reasoning on Monday, for the safe return of Sunny. Wish us luck!



Seed update!

Today we all completed our ‘Week One Observations’. We all checked our seed and wrote about whether it had grown a lot, a little, or not at all. We then suggested reasons why it had or hadn’t and adjusted their positioning in the classroom to reflect our observations and ideas.


What is a flower made up of?

In Science today, we dissected a flower in our pairs. We discussed the structure of the flower, what it was called and where it can be found. We then peeled back various part of the flower, identifying the stem, petals, leaves and discussing pollen and the smell associated with different flowers. We all loved investigating!



Last week in Year One…

Here is a few photos from last week.

We helped Sunny the Meerkat correct his letter to his family, working in pairs to identify and correct the mistakes before changing the letter as a whole class.

As part of our topic ‘The UK and Far Away’ we have been learning about famous landmarks in London. Firstly, we drew a picture of the London Eye and discuss what resources we could use to make our very own version. We then each had a go at making one! It proved very tricky and took a lot of perseverance and concentration, but we all gave it our best effort. We used paper plates, cocktail sticks to attach the two sides together and then added seats!

You will also see some of our Science photos. We worked in pairs to ‘use observations and ideas to suggest answers to questions about planting a seed’. We talked and wrote about what a seed needs to grow, where we would put it in the classroom and why. Watch this space to keep up with our observations of how they grow! We have also being talking about the season which comes after Winter… Spring. We discussed what happens to the plants, trees and wildlife and made a Spring tree.