Year Four enterprise – Wriggly Worms

Today for Class 4’s enterprise it was Class 5’s chance to come and take part in an experiment. The experiment was to see if they could make the worms wriggle and they succeeded.

First they put the worms into bicarbonate of soda and water for 30 minutes.

Next they got a glass half full of vinegar and placed the worms inside.

The mixture started to fizz and sure enough the worms began wriggling.

This was so much fun and we found out that mixing bicarbonate of soda with acidic vinegar creates bubbles of carbon dioxide gas. As the soda solution has soaked into the gummy worm, tiny bubbles form on its surface when you drop it into vinegar. The bubbles grow big enough to lift the worm.

Fabulous Elf Run

This afternoon, we did our Elf Run, following our sponsorships for East Cheshire Hospice, where as a school we raised over £2,000!  We then watched Mrs Isherwood and Bethany put their feet in jelly wellies! 


Super Space Science

On Friday Year 5, were treated to a special visit from two lovely ladies from the space agency. They came to talk to us about Mars and let us do experiments to see which soil was most like soil from Mars. We learnt new scientific skills like filtering, measuring
and using litmus paper to see which sand contained acid. 
Reported by Evie and Elitsa









  We tested if it let water through quickly,if it had salt and if it was acidic.After that we competed our results

Google Expeditions 

Last Wednesday afternoon we were given a treat as Google came in to let us try using Google Expeditions using a VR headset. We were able to travel to space with the help of some virtual reality.     













Fire Safety/Smoke Tent

Yesterday, Year 5 had a visit from John, a fireman from Cheshire Fire and Safety, to talk to us about keeping safe and demonstrate just how quickly a fire can start. We learnt how important it is to keep the floors clear, keeping a fire action plan and why it’s so vital to have a fire safety plan. Then we went onto the playground to see what smoke does when we went into a smoke tent.