Remembering Treo

The children in Year 5 have written poems in remembrance of Treo 63 DM. Treo was awarded the Dickin Medal (the animal equivalent of the Victoria Cross). He saved a huge number of lives by sniffing out explosive devices in Afghanistan.


What a Wonderful Year!

Thank you for a lovely year and all of the very nice presents that I received. I look forward to having you all again for your last year in primary school. Hope that you all have a lovely summer remember to try to have time to read as much as you can and keep learning. See you in September! Miss Sowry 🙂

Bible Explorers Week 1

On Monday, Year 5 had our first bible explorers lesson with Beth from New Life Church. We learnt about some of the stories from the old testiment and we learnt actions

for each story .We really enjoyed it when Beth lets us dress up and act out scenes from the stories we learnt. It was a really fun way to learn about the bible and we can’t wait until next time!

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Year Four enterprise – Wriggly Worms

Today for Class 4’s enterprise it was Class 5’s chance to come and take part in an experiment. The experiment was to see if they could make the worms wriggle and they succeeded.

First they put the worms into bicarbonate of soda and water for 30 minutes.

Next they got a glass half full of vinegar and placed the worms inside.

The mixture started to fizz and sure enough the worms began wriggling.

This was so much fun and we found out that mixing bicarbonate of soda with acidic vinegar creates bubbles of carbon dioxide gas. As the soda solution has soaked into the gummy worm, tiny bubbles form on its surface when you drop it into vinegar. The bubbles grow big enough to lift the worm.