Autism Awareness Assembly

This afternoon KS1 and KS2 took part in an assembly to raise our awareness of Autism. We have learnt lots and are now better equipped to help and support our friends with Autism.  Thank you very much to Tom from the Cheshire Autism Practical Support team for taking the time to visit us.

If you would like any more information about the content of the assembly or about the services that are on offer, please feel free to ask Miss Booth at anytime.


Year 3 update!

The Royal Wedding Celebrations


We all had a great day celebrating Prince Harry and Megan Markle’s Wedding.

We all looked so Smart.













Making a Compass

We made a compass using a magnet, plastic lid and a bowl of water.


Lego Robotics Workshop.

Here we are taking part in a robots workshop. We had to work hard to build our own robot which would move around the room. We used a lot of engineering skills and there was a great deal of trial and error! We all got there in the end and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.



Investigating Fish

As part of our learning about the creatures that live under the sea.  We have looked closely at a real fish from the fishmongers.  The children looked closely at the different parts of the fish’s body and we discussed the features of a fish.  The children made observations of the fish and we discussed why some things occu 

Yummy Chocolate Cake!

Carrying on from last week, Nursery looked at unhealthy foods. We decided as a class we wanted to make some chocolate cakes with chocolate chips!

We worked on our fine motor skills by mixing the mixture and we counted all our cake cases. We counted up to 20 cakes all together!



Nursery’s Healthy Week

This week Nursery have been looking at healthy and unhealthy foods. We started the week learning about how to look after our teeth and how long 2 minutes really is!


Today we decided we wanted to make healthy fruit kebabs. We talked about all the different colours, smells and textures of the fruit and then made our own fruit pattern. The best part was when we got to eat them!


Reception’s Healthy Week

This week Reception Class are having a health and well being week.

Today, the children started their learning with a visit from Dentist Playbox.  The children learnt how to look after their teeth, how to brush their teeth properly, how long  to brush their teeth for, why it is important to go to the Dentist and which foods are good for our teeth.

Throughout the week, we have also been learning about healthy food in our Food Technology sessions with Mrs Barnes.  We have been using our fine motor skills – chopping and peeling to create different fruit and vegetable sea themed animals and creatures.  The children have also enjoyed sharing their creations with the other children at snack time and trying different fruit and vegetables.

Still to come…on Friday Reception are taking part in a Fizzy Tots Sports Festival Afternoon at Havannah Primary School to keep their bodies healthy by taking part in a sporting event.

Woodland Wednesday

Yesterday, Nursery used their maps to help them navigate their way around the forest. They found all the hidden animals from our talk for write story by using their super eyes and team work.

Once we had followed our maps and found all our animals we listened to story ‘What a Ladybird Heard’ making sure we asked lots of questions!