Mark Making Madness

Today in Nursery we have been super busy!

Whilst listening to classical music we drew on a large piece of paper how it made us feel. We talked to our friends if the music made us feel sad, happy or even excited.

We also talked about what colour crayon we would like and also how we should be holding it.

After we had drawn what the music made us feel we had to use our listening ears to listen to the instructions Miss Langford gave us!

We drew big circles and zigzag lines.


Easter Cooking!

Nursery have been very busy cooking up some lovely Easter treats! We worked on our physical development by stirring our treats and pouring the chocolate into the mold. We were very careful making sure that our chocolate went into the mold and not the table! We also picked the colour of our cases for our Easter nests.

Science Week

As this week is science week Nursery made some flying superheroes. We decided that we could use balloons and talked about if we blew the balloon up and let it go the superhero would fly. We then raced our flying superheroes to see who’s superhero went the furthest.


We have also been busy practicing our pencil grip and our writing for our new sensory area coming soon in our playground!


Our eggs have hatched!

After all the waiting and watching for cracks to appear… the eggs started to hatch

When the children came into school on Wednesday they had 7 very cute chicks.  The children were very excited.

Today, we moved the chicks out of the incubator into a brooder box, where the chicks ave more space to move, food, water, and a heat lamp to keep them warm.

We even got the chicks out of the brooder box for a little play and so they could start to get to know us all.

The chicks were very tired after all that playing.  When they went back into the brooder box they all went fast asleep.


Nursery Spring Walk

This week Nursery have been looking at all things Spring!

We went on a Spring walk using our magnifying glasses and binoculars looking all around our school. We found lots of interesting things such as new flowers and ducks on the pond.


We then came inside and had a look at some flowers. We talked about how they smelt, what they felt like and the colours we could see. We were excellent at using our describing words!