The learning doesn’t stop in Reception because of the rain…

This afternoon the children put their coats on and hoods up and we ventured outside…the rain didn’t stop us!

The children were busy learning about Autumn changes; collecting the leaves in wheelbarrows.

The children were mixing colours in puddles with paint and making bubbles and marks with brushes and rollers.

The children had to use their social skills to share the equipment too!

Eco club

To celebrate our final week in Eco club before the half term, the children wanted to go outside and use leaves 🍁 to make faces. We wrapped up, went outside, they made faces, different animals from their house team and some even created nests for birds. We had lots of fun and it was great to see the children working together being so enthusiastic.

House Team Art Event

On Friday all of the teachers and children split into house teams and took part in an art day. Each team picked a different focus, one did tin forest, another did animals, Alice in Wonderland and paper dolls. It was a great day and everyone enjoyed themselves!

The art work looks amazing, if you get chance take a few minutes to take a look!

Barclays Bank Visit

Today Year 5 visited Barclays Bank in Northwich. We learnt about using ATMs, PIN numbers, cash back, cheques, direct debits and standing orders. We also learnt about life skills including: self-esteem and confidence, assertiveness and how our emotions and reactions dictate our outcomes. We had a tour and saw lots of employees working mainly on the telephones to customers.

Our last ‘As Time Goes By’ Club

This morning was our last time Reception visited Trinity Church Cafe as part of their project ‘As Time Goes By’.

The children talked about how they have grown and changed so much in their first year at school.

The children and adults made face biscuits and enjoyed eating them at snack time too!

There were some birthdays today too…it was Judith and Judith birthday.  So we celebrated with a birthday cake for them and we all sang Happy Birthday.

We finished our session with our Rhyme Time.  The children also performed their Teddy Bear Rock n Roll song and dance for everybody.

The children had made a card to thank Derek for letting us spend time and activities with everybody at Trinity Cafe.

Sensory Wheelbarrow

Nursery have currently been creating their very own sensory wheelbarrow for a competition. They decided they wanted lights and strawberries within the wheelbarrow. They have been able to plant the plants and have been watering the garden daily.

Reception at Teddy Bears Picnic

During this Summer Term the children in EYFS have had music lessons delivered by Love Music Trust as part of our learning in Expressive Arts and Design.  The project has been based around the character of Barney Bear at the Seaside.  The children have learnt lots of different songs and music skills.

On Friday to celebrate our learning and development within the area of music Reception and Nursery went to take part in a celebration concert at Clonter Opera and a Teddy Bears Picnic.  The children all had a great time and they performed in the celebration concert brilliantly.