Year 1 Pumpkin!

Year 1 had a great time creating a spaceship from the pumpkin that we received from the allotment!

We looked at the spaceship in our story ‘Toys in Space’ and created the features of a spaceship from cardboard and tin foil.

Forest Friday

This morning the children had lots of fun in the forest learning about the seasonal changes of Autumn. The children observed the leaves changing colour and falling off the trees.

The children then had a leaf treasure hunt they had to find a big and a small leaf, a yellow leaf, a brown leaf, and a green leaf. Then we finished off by finding 3 leaves and counting them carefully.

We finished by jumping in the leaves.

EYFS Zoo at School

On Wednesday the children in EYFS had their own day learning about an animal you would find in Chester Zoo’s minibeast house.

We started the day reading the story about Norman and his Silly Shell. We then met our animal visitor for the day…”Turbo The Giant African Land Snail” . The children learnt about what he looks like, what he likes to eat and why he has a shell.

The children then designed snail shells for Turbo linked to the story and enjoyed continuous provision activities linked to snails.

Year 6 Chester Zoo

On Wednesday 29th October Year 6 were given the amazing opportunity to visit Chester Zoo. The children were very excited to see all of the animals and in particular kept an eye out for those which are native to North and South America, as this will become part of our topic work.

Year 6 Science

Continuing from the Science day on Wednesday, the children looked at the construction of a heart, using bottles, focusing on how it works and how the muscle can pump blood around the body. The children then built a heart in their science books looking at the valves, arteries and veins.

Year 6 Science Day

Today Year 6 were exploring the circulatory system. Understanding the function of the heart, arteries, veins and what makes up the blood in our bodies were the focus of the day.
The children drew an outline of the body on the floor which were then labelled with the correct organs, arteries and veins.

The children also had the opportunity to create their own “blood” using cereals, rice, beans and water. Each of these parts representing the different components which make up the blood in our bodies.