Forest Friday for Foundation Stage

This week the children have started looking at the story of Percy The Park Keeper – After The Storm. The children read the beginning of the story where a tree fell down in a storm.

Today in our school woods the children explored the features of trees and learnt about the different parts of the trees.

The children all found that the trees in our woods are very very tall! They have branches way up high with leaves on. The children thought that the branches on the trees were like our arms and the leaves the trees hands.

The children then thought about the trees body – the trunk. Some trees have big trunks and some have small trunks. The children described how the trunk felt.

We then had a look if we could see the trees roots under all the autumn leaves.

We then went to see if any trees in our woods had fallen down like our Percy the Park Keeper story.


This week it has been ‘barvember’ so as well as our normal Maths lessons we have done more bar models. We have found some of them quite tricky especially the word problems because we have had to read the questions carefully in order to understand how to work out the answers.

Here is some of our work.

Celebrating Bonfire Night

Today, the children in Foundation Stage have been learning about another celebration – Bonfire Night!

The children began the morning learning about all the different things that happen on Bonfire Night.

The children then made firework pictures using their printing skills.

The children also made sparkler using breadsticks and melted chocolate. They were very yummy!

Outside the children helped Miss Barber make a BIG bonfire picture…which was lots of fun!

The children finished their day by learning about Bonfire Night safety with Fireman Sam.

Celebrating Diwali

On Thursday, the children in Foundation Stage learnt about the festival of Diwali. The children began the morning learning about who celebrates Diwali and how people celebrate Diwali.

The children then enjoyed lots of activities linked to their learning about Diwali.

The children made sweets for Diwali because people who celebrate Diwali give sweets to their friends as a way of celebrating.

The children made their own Rangoli patterns as people decorate their homes with Rangoli patterns.

The children learnt that Diwali is the ‘Festival of Lights’. The children all made their own Diya Lamp using clay and sequins to decorate them.

We then finished our day with a story all about celebrating Diwali.

Year 1 Pumpkin!

Year 1 had a great time creating a spaceship from the pumpkin that we received from the allotment!

We looked at the spaceship in our story ‘Toys in Space’ and created the features of a spaceship from cardboard and tin foil.