Science Week in Year 1

This week we have been very busy looking at all things to do with Science. On Monday we got to program all different types of robots and experimented with how to move them and use them. Miss Langford then gave us instructions that we had to follow and we pretended to be a robot ourselves!

This afternoon we have been busy looking at how the state of chocolate can be changed by heating it and how to plan a fair test. We made a list of what we needed to melt the chocolate and what would happen to it. Many of the children predicted that the chocolate would melt when it is over heat! We then put our chocolate into the fridge to see if it would return back to the original state. Whilst waiting for the chocolate to cool down we completed another experiment involving us melting chocolate in our hands! We timed the experiment and measured the chocolate pieces against one another so that the test would be fair. We then had great discussion on which chocolate we thought melted the quickest- milk or white chocolate.

How strong is chocolate?

In year 3 this afternoon we have tested how strong different chocolate bars are using a variety of investigations. We dropped the chocolate, snapped the chocolate, out weights on the chocolate and then finally hit it with a hammer. We found that the dairy milk was the strongest. Unfortunately we were unable to eat the chocolate – we were not impressed!

Robot Wars

To start our Science week off, Year 5 had a robot workshop. The objective was to build a robot that could sense another and win a battle. We used motion sensors to detect the other robots and a motor with an arm to battle it. Once we built the robots, we used coding to write a set of instructions for it to attack. After our first battles some of the robots needed modifying and strengthening. The ultimate winner was “The Terminator”.

Reception Robots

The children shared the story of Harry and The Robots.

The children then played a game – they pretended to be Robots and Miss Barber gave them instructions using her controller.

Then the children thought about the different ways to control or program a robot. The children explored how to program Beebot robots and then how to program our new robots.

Robot workshop

To kickstart our super science week we had a robot workshop this morning. It was great fun but also quite tricky. We worked in groups of 3 to build a robot that would be able to move when programmed. We were given a box per group and had to use problem solving skills to find the best way to build it.

Baking volcano cakes

This week we have been very lucky and had Mrs Barnes with us for baking. We made volcano cakes by baking cupcakes and tipping them  upside down and cutting out a piece of the cake. We then used orange and red icing to create the effect of lava flowing out of the volcano.


To celebrate our last day with Mrs Barnes as it’s been our week of baking we made ‘cake pops’ to link with the chocolate from Cadbury’s world and decorated them with red icing to give the effect of volcanoes to link to our topic. We had great fun and they tasted delicious.


Cadbury’s World

We had an amazing time at Cadbury’s World yesterday. We learnt about where chocolate originates from – the Aztecs and Mayans first discovered cocoa beans and made them into a drink.

Then we learnt about the history of Cadbury’s. The company built a whole village for their workers including a school.

We learnt about the Cadbury’s brand and how every milk chocolate bar has the colour purple on it. One section of the tour was all about advertising and the characters they have used. We recognised many of them, which shows how powerful advertising is.

One of the highlights of the day was tasting the melted chocolate! Writing our names in chocolate was trickier then we thought.

Our final activity at Cadbury’s World was the 4D experience where we went on a chocolate roller coaster ride. It felt so real and we even put our hands in the air went we went hurtling down a dip.