Year 3 Children in the Industrial Revolution

For our topic this term the children have been learning all about the industrial revolution. This week we have learnt about what the children would have been up to. After a number of educated guesses and a number of the class thinking that they could put their feet up as school wasn’t compulsory and parents would let them stay home. They found that many children went to the work house. This grim and nasty place would make the children go out to work each day and then come back to a lovely stale piece of bread and some gruel. Yum Yum.

Some children would have to work down the mines in the dark with only a candle to see a short distance.

Some would have to work in the mills, which were mostly the cotton mills in Manchester.

Some would become chimney sweeps and have to climb up the dark soot filled stacks.

Some could work out in the sun all day on the farms with very little rest or shade.

Those children who came from families who owned land, ran a shop or owned a mill may be lucky enough to go to school. I think the children agree that our school is much better than in the 1800s.

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