Year 2 DT – Ferris Wheels

Year 2 have been discovering the world of Ferris Wheels. We have looked at the world real life examples of Ferris Wheels and why we use them. We have planned how they can be built using a variety of different materials and today was the day of our big build. The children used all of their knowledge and built their Ferris Wheels.

Year 4 – Design Technology – Alarms

After the shocking discovery that our classroom had been broken into and our items thrown all around the room. We then decided that the classroom needed an alarm system. We then spent some time researching the purpose of alarms, where, when and why they are used.

Today the children then took their plans for their own alarm system for the class and made a miniature version of the classroom. They used their knowledge of electricity from our science work to build circuits to trigger alarms when their classroom as an intruder.

They have worked so incredibly hard and as a class they have won a Good to be Green for the whole class. What fantastic work Year 4.

Football Fundraising with Year 2

Today has been a great day in Year 2 !
Our fantastic children have brought in cakes, prizes, football posters, sweets and lots more. Everyday this week there will be all of these great stalls available: Cakes, Biscuit and Sweets Stall, Lucky Dip, Blow football, Guess the number of sweets in a jar, Football shop, Design a football kit, Make a keyring.
After school on Tuesday and Thursday there will be ice creams and ice lollies. Please bring along your spending money to join the fun. 50p a go for all. (£1 for ice cream) .

Class 2 are also doing a Sponsored Penalty Goal scoring challenge. They are aiming for 500 goals (This is very ambitious as we have some super Goal Keepers). Today we have reached a collective 104 goals – we will push for more tomorrow ⚽️⚽️⚽️

Balance Bike Day

Today in Foundation Stage we had an exciting opportunity to take part in a workshop using balance bikes. The workshop was led by Proride. The children learnt how to ride a balance bike, learn new skills and then go onto improving their skills through a variety of different games and rides.

Lego Building

Today the children were given a great opportunity to see the power of Lego. Year 3 and Year 4 worked together to continue to build the Olympic village and stadiums that had been started previously from the rest of the classes.
A huge thank you to Stephen for coming in and helping us with our amazing creations.