Volcanoes Erupt In Year 3

Over the past term the children have been studying all about Volcanoes. We have found out facts about them, how they are formed, where they are located and even been back in time to the town of Pompeii.

The children then made their own volcanoes, planning the steps they would take to build them, what they would need and finally spending lots of ‘messy’ time building them.

We began making them from an old bottle and a piece of cardboard. We then made papier-mâché and built all around the bottle making a cone shape. We then finished off the first design laying strips of paper and made the final structure.

The volcanoes then needed a coat of paint, or two, to make them more realistic adding an extra unique quality to each.

The final part of the design and technology project was to let the volcanoes erupt. Using vinegar and sodium chloride mixed with a little food colouring the children were able to go out and see their volcanoes erupt.

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