We have wolf poems based on our work on Romulus and Remus.

As dark as the midnight sky, her eyes gleamed,

Exhausted, she lay on the snow covered ground,

By the rushing river, hidden in grass she sat,

Dampening her warm fur, the spray from the river made rainbows,

Although she was hungry, she kept silent and still.

We drew wolf pictures to go with our poems.

Romans everywhere!

The Helen O’Grady Drama Academy visited Year 4 to do some Roman drama.

We acted out a scene from the Celtic revolt led by Boudicca.

Can’t wait to show you the results in our assembly.


We made Roman bread too,

Using a clay oven just like the Romans.




Year 4 Roman Experience

Year 4 went on a trip to the Dewa Roman Experience in Chester. We all dressed as Romans. Not only were our costumes a hit at the Dewa Center but many tourists stopped to take our photo as we marched through Chester. We looked  GOOD…

We carried our Marlfields Standard – just like the Romans of old.

Our commander was fierce!! And he had a big voice too! Watch out Mrs Barns!

We were fierce in our training session!

Look at us in formation!!

The traffic stopped as we marched ‘ Sin, sin, sin-dex, sin!’  What a great day.

Legoland fun

On Thursday we were lucky enough to go to Legoland! A huge thank you to Mrs Melville for organising it for the whole school, we had an amazing time!

Today we have continued with the Lego fun in our classroom.

What a fabulous end to the week!



On Friday some children worked with Mr Rowe to begin planting potatoes in preparation for the RHS Tatton Flower Show.

Remember if you’d like to be a part of the flower show or could offer some help in any way please nip into the office to let us know. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Spectacular Sonic Blaster

We found out that sound waves cause vibrations in our eardrums.

A big enough sound wave can even make some objects move.

We tested this out by using a tube with a small hole in one and plastic covering the other. We tapped the plastic end and saw that it made the Pom Pom move!

We didn’t think it would work with a bigger object as it would be too heavy.



Volcanic eruptions

Year 4 enjoyed their final experiment of the week last week which was ‘Volcanic Eruptions’!

They followed instructions to complete the experiment and it worked.

We found out that without the washing up liquid the volcano wouldn’t have erupted.