Topic work

We have been extremely busy so far in year 4, here are some examples of our topic work.

We have completed a timeline of events, learning about the key events that have taken place to help shape history, found out about Roman soldiers and Roman gladiators and written a set of instructions if how to become a Roman gladiator. In maths we have been learning our Roman numerals so have created a Roman sun dial.

A Year in Year 4

As we draw to the end of the school year, we have been reflecting on all that we have achieved. Please take a look at all of the amazing learning that has taken place in year 4, both in school and at home!

Thank you Year 4 for a fabulous year that we will never forget! You are all amazing!

Testing the effect different materials have on how far cars travel.

In Year 3 we have been very busy looking at forces. We wanted to test whether different materials affected how far cars would travel.

We used 7 different materials; tinfoil, bubble wrap, wood, foam, corrugated card, sand paper and felt. We talked about how to ensure it was a fair test we would use the same height of ramp, the same car and the same person doing each job. Before we carried out the investigation we made a prediction about which material we thought the car would travel furthest on.

We had 6 groups and each group tested the ramp once. We combined these results to find out the overall result.

We had great fun and used lots of scientific language.

Change starts with us ……..

last week we celebrated anti-bullying week with a theme of ‘change starts with us’ we though about how we could make our school community a happier place for everyone.

It was lovely to see the children focusing on being kind, paying each other compliments, offering support, praising effort and SMILING! The children have made a pledge to make a small change to their behaviour in school that could make a huge difference to someones day.

The children also wore odd socks to celebrate diversity and to highlight that we are all  unique and special. 


Whole school ramble for Children in Need

What a super Friday we have had at Marlfields!

We all went on a walk around Astbury Mere to raise money for Children in Need wearing our winter coats and wellies. Coco the therapy dog came with us too, she is such a friendly dog!!

When we got back we had a hot chocolate, a cake and talked about what we had been up to. We were very tired after that so Mrs Bennett and Miss Langford had a peaceful afternoon… yeah right!