Year 3 move to Year 4

Today our school had our ‘move up morning’. The Year 3 class found out that they have Mr Price for their Year 4 teacher.

We started of by introductions getting to know each other and what we all like to do, inside and outside of school. With this we created a shield with all the things we love to do on them.

The children went away talking about what we had been up to and what our Year 4 adventure together will be like.

Parable Workshop

This morning Foundation Stage 2 had some visitors from New Life Church this morning to help us learn about a Parable from the Bible. We learnt all about the parable of The Good Samaritan. We started by hearing the story of The Good Samaritan and we then had to make happy and sad faces to think about which parts of the story made us feel happy or sad.

We then watched a puppet show about how we could be good Samaritans, by helping our friends at school.

We then made our own puppets to retell the story of The Good Samaritan.

We finished our morning by making bracelets so we could remember who we love, who is a star, who looks after us and who helps us.

Year 4 – Design Technology

Today the children continued their work from our break in last week. After reviewing our plans from last week we began to construct our replica classrooms. We installed our electronics, following on from our work in Science, chose what would work best to stop future thieves and then decorated our classrooms.

The children worked incredibly hard to make sure their classrooms functioned the way that they researched, planned, designed and built.

Now the children will reflect on their designs and put their ideas forward to the school for future protection against such events.

Let’s hope our class will be safe once more from future incidents. Thank you Year 4.

Rounders tournament

Last night our rounders team played in a tournament against 3 local teams. The children were amazing and put their training in to good practice. Many rounders were scored and our two bowlers and back stop were a force to be reckoned with. Scarlett and Tilly from Year 5 were last minute additions and a big thank you goes to them. Well done to the team you gave it your all!

Life in the Agora

Today we were given roles to act out the different characters we would find in the Agora or Ancient Greek market place. There was a slave who cleaned people’s shoes, an actress performing in the theatre, a child who had left school for the day to visit the Agora and a lawyer who worked in the town.

Year 4 – Burglary

A horrific event has happened in Year 4 this morning. As we were about to enter the classroom we were greeted by red tape barricading the door.
Our classroom has been broken into!! At this time we are unsure as to whom would have done such a thing.

The children were shocked to see what had happened to our class. A number of the children started looking for clues to why this tragic event has occurred.

Once we had put our room back to the way that it should have been the children decided that we need to make an alarm system to ensure that this won’t happen again.

Using our scientific knowledge of electricity the children have begun to plan their own alarm systems by making a miniature replica of the classroom.

We will keep you all posted as events unfold.

Year 4 Play at The Bridgewater Hall

Well the moment finally arrived, after a year of practicing our instruments we finally got the opportunity to play alongside the Hallé Orchestra.
The children thoroughly enjoyed this amazing opportunity and were singing and talking about it on the trip back, other than those who took a little nap.

We started by practicing with the Love Music Trust on our songs we have learnt each lesson when all of a sudden the music rose from the Hallé orchestra and the children all fell silent. Listening to the different pieces and joining in with the live performance will hopefully be something the children will remember for years to come. We even got the chance to hear the Hallé perform some more well know pieces including the STAR WARS Suite.

I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who took part and the looks on your faces when the orchestra started were priceless and I will never forget.