Greek cuisine

Today, Year 5 brought Greece to the classroom. They tried feta cheese, hummus, tzatziki and olives. Most children enjoyed the new flavours with some even braving olives, however it was fair to say that they weren’t everyone’s favourite. 🇬🇷 🫒 🇬🇷

Reading Challenge

This week we had a special visit from Congleton Library, the children were told all about this year’s reading challenge. You need to read 6 books then you can win a voucher for the new leisure centre, medal and certificate.

Life in the Agora

Today we were given roles to act out the different characters we would find in the Agora or Ancient Greek market place. There was a slave who cleaned people’s shoes, an actress performing in the theatre, a child who had left school for the day to visit the Agora and a lawyer who worked in the town.

Quidditch Fun

Today we were put into Harry Potter’s house teams and we learnt to play Quidditch. The children loved it and enjoyed the fast pace of the game. Lincoln caught the golden snitch for Slytherin which gained his team 50 points.

Ancient Greece

Today, in topic we learnt some more amazing facts about Ancient Greece. We showed the limited amounts of lands they had to grow crops, the advantages of having a long coastline, the results of having so many islands, because of the hot climate lots of time was spent outdoors and consequences of having such a mountainous land.