Goldilocks & The Three Bears

In our Literacy work we have been very busy making story maps of the story of Goldilocks & The Three Bears. We then used our story maps to retell the story using our language skills. 

We have then used our writing skills pretending to be Goldilocks. We wrote letters to The Three Bears to say sorry for eating all the porridge, breaking Baby Bear’s chair and sleeping in their beds. 


Restart a heart day

We thought carefully about what makes our heart beat faster and did our own experiment by dancing and checking if our hearts were beating faster or slower. We also completed our Dough Disco session to ‘Stayin Alive’. Some of us then went to have our faces painted with hearts and we also decorated biscuit hearts to take home and eat! 


Skipping competition 

Some of the children in Year Four brought in £2 to help raise money towards ‘Restart your heart’. The money is being put towards a Defibrillator that will be kept in school for if anybody suffers a cardiac arrest. 

The children went onto the field and were challenged to see how many skips they could do in one minute, Mr Rowe had them working very hard.  


Making smoothies 

As part of keeping healthy for ‘Restart your heart day’ we made some healthy smoothies using skimmed milk, grapes and bananas. The children had great fun working together making them and most of them said they tasted delicious. The children decorated their cups with ideas of how we can keep fit and healthy.  


Restart your heart 

   Year Four have been thinking of ways to keep fit and healthy today. The children completed a 10 minute workout from the British Heart Foundation website. It showed us how to warm up, some useful exercises and how to warm down. This is a very important part of exercising. 

The Season of Autumn

We have been learning about the season of Autumn and observing the changes that happen to the outside environment. 

We have been to the woods and explored the changes and collected lots of Autumn objects.  We then used these Autumn objects to make Autumn faces and create an Autumn display to celebrate our learning. 


Making Bread

After our Harvest Festival celebration in school the children in Reception made Bread and learnt about the process of making bread. 

The children mixed the ingredients in the bowl; flour, yeast and water.

Then they learnt how to knead the bread and shape their dough into a roll.