EYFS Animal Fair Day

We started the morning by admiring the children’s great animal outfits.

We then enjoyed a range of craft activities; making Dear Zoo Biscuits, Making Animal Handprints, and Painting using watercolours.

This afternoon we have enjoyed eating our biscuits and enjoying lots of animal play!

The children enjoyed a great day!

Making animal homes

Using our story of Dear Zoo we have been thinking about where different animals live and what the different habitats are like. When we went to the woods this week in our ‘Muddy Monday’ session the children were given an animal and they had to make it a home. The children thought about what the different animals like and would need.

Our Year in EYFS

A celebration display to give you an insight into our learning this year and show you some of our celebrations!

The children have done so well in this difficult year – we are so proud of you all!



This half term – Nursery and Reception

Going On Safari!

The children’s main interest in Nursery and Reception is animals. We began our half term by reading the children a selection of animal stories we know they enjoy. The children then used voting counters to vote for their favorite story. The winner was: Dear Zoo. We are using this book as our focus for our learning this half term.

To begin our learning the children in Nursery and Reception went on a safari…they saw lots of different animals hiding in Marlfields school woods.

The children have then written letters to the zoo to ask for a pet. BEWARE we might be sent lots of monkeys, snakes, elephants, lions, frogs, giraffes, and snakes!!!!!

Muddy Monday

This week Reception and Nursery played a game ‘Forest Finders’. Miss Barber showed the children two different types of leaves and they had to go and find the matching leaves. The children had to remember the colour, shape, pattern and size of the leaves. The children learnt the differences between a blade of grass, pine needles, and an ivy leaf.

The children were also risk taking this week in the woods – exploring the tree swing…they had lots of fun!

3D shapes in Reception

The children have been learning about 3D shapes this week in their maths work.

We started the week by using 3D building bricks to make a model. We had princesses, houses, towns, see saws, robots, and castles.

We then started to explore the characteristics of different 3D shapes. We tested which 3D shapes rolled and which slide. We used the slide on our climbing frame in the outdoor area to test the shapes.

The children discovered that shapes that have curved shapes can roll and shapes with flat sides slide.

The children then went onto find out about which shapes can stack to make a tower and why.

The children found out that shapes need flat sides to stack and if they have a pointy edge they have to go on the top of their tower.

Reception have been planting

The children in Reception have been learning about how things grow. The children started by thinking about what plants and seeds need to grow. They found out that they need; soil, sunshine, and water.

The children have then looked closely at different seeds and used their observational skills to describe the features of the seeds. They described the size, the colour and the texture.

The children have then been busy planting seeds all week in their outdoor area. The children have planted beanstalks similar to the story they have shared together of Jasper’s Beanstalk. They have planted carrots, tomatoes and sunflowers. The children can’t wait to see them grow and change.

Muddy Monday

Every Monday afternoon our Nursery and Reception children shall be learning in our wonderful school woods, exploring the woods and learning about the environment.

This week the children learnt about – trees. The children looked how high the trees were and learnt the features of the trees.

The children learnt that the trees body was called it’s trunk and the branches are the trees arms. The children explored how big the trunks were…

The children then learnt about the bark on a tree. The children thought that the trees bark was like the trees skin and the children felt it and described its texture; bumpy, scratchy, hard, smooth.

The children finished the session by making a bark rubbing of the tree.

Muddy Monday with Nursery and Reception

On a Monday afternoon Reception and Nursery work together to find out about our outside environment. This Monday we went on a walk around the school grounds to spot the signs of spring.

The children worked on their learning and development in the area of Understanding The World. They commented and asked questions about aspects of the natural world, we talked about some of the things they observed with the plants, the children developed an understanding of growth, decay and changes over time – looking closely at the similarities, patterns and change.

The children found flowers starting to grow, blossom starting to show on some of the trees and green buds on other trees.

Science Week in EYFS

This week Nursery and Reception have been learning about the female scientist – Maria Merian. She discovered that caterpillars turn into butterflies. The children shared the story of The Hungry Caterpillar to learn about the life cycle.

We have been on a bug hunt looking for minibeasts in our outdoor area:

The children couldn’t find many minibeasts…so we thought we needed to do something about it…so we made a bug house to encourage minibeasts to come to our outdoor area.

Throughout the week we have been learning about minibeasts in our outdoor area:

Wintery Weather

The children learning at home and at school have been exploring wintery weather and the differences between hot and cold.

At school in our outdoor area we have created different opportunities for the children to explore snow and ice.