I wonder what moves….Dinosaurs!

This half term the children in Early Years have been using Dinosaurs as a theme for their learning.

The children started their topic by discovering a dinosaur egg in our sand pit. The children worked together to make nests for the dinosaur egg.

The children have learnt about the different types of dinosaurs and what environments they liked to live in. The children created representations of different dinosaurs using their colour mixing skills to create the colours they wanted.

The children have finished the topic with a Dinosaur Hunt in our school woods. The Dinosaurs were hiding in a variety of different places; behind the tree, under the bench, next to the tree, in the flowers, in the tree.

The children have really enjoyed the learning through Dinosaurs!

Early Years on The Polar Express

On Tuesday we went on the Polar Express Train. It was very exciting waiting for the Polar Express on the platform…

All Aboard… we climbed onto the train and found our seats. We had to get our golden tickets stamped by The Conductor…

We then enjoyed Hot Chocolate and Cookies…

It was very exciting when we went through the tunnel.

Then guess who came on the train…Santa!

We were very tired on the way back home..

A Frosty Morning Walk

This week the children in Early Years have been learning about the frosty weather and where animals live. The children experienced the frosty ground and the noise the frozen leaves made when they walked through them.

We went to look for animal homes in the school woods. We found where a fox , badger and mole lives. The children learn that these animals are nocturnal and only come out at night.

Parable Workshop

This morning Foundation Stage 2 had some visitors from New Life Church this morning to help us learn about a Parable from the Bible. We learnt all about the parable of The Good Samaritan. We started by hearing the story of The Good Samaritan and we then had to make happy and sad faces to think about which parts of the story made us feel happy or sad.

We then watched a puppet show about how we could be good Samaritans, by helping our friends at school.

We then made our own puppets to retell the story of The Good Samaritan.

We finished our morning by making bracelets so we could remember who we love, who is a star, who looks after us and who helps us.

Eggciting Times!

On Monday in Foundation Stage we had a very special delivery….10 eggs to look after. The children talked about what animal could be in the egg…chicks, ducks, birds, crocodiles, dragons, or lizards. The children decided that they are chicken eggs.

The children set up an incubator in the classroom to keep the eggs warm like the ‘Mummy Hen’ would do. Now it is time to wait….

The children looked at all the equipment we would need to look after the chicks once they hatch.

Coronation Tea Party in Foundation Stage

Today the children have celebrated the coronation of King Charles III with an afternoon tea party. The children have been planning the party for the last couple of weeks; writing lists, writing invitations, writing recipes for cakes, making cakes and biscuits.

The children came to school this morning dressed in red, white and blue clothes.

Then this morning the children set to making the sandwiches, jelly, fruit salad and decorating the classroom ready for our party visitors!

Then it was time to celebrate….the children had invited their parents to come along to their party. We started with a Coronation Scavenger Hunt in our outdoor area.

Then we all enjoyed our afternoon tea.

The children finished by enjoying their special Crown Cake they made for the King!

Early Years World Book Day

The children in Early Years came into school dressed as their favourite book characters. We started our day by sharing our costumes with each other and talking about their favourite books.

The grown ups even joined in with the dressing up fun. The children had to look at each character and work out which story we were all from….it was Little Red Riding Hood.

Our day was based around the story of Little Red Riding Hood.

In the afternoon, we went on a woodland trail just like Little Red Riding Hood went through the woods to visit Grandma. We had to use our gross motor skills to negotiate the different spaces and obstacles.

Footstep Friday

This week in Early Years we have been looking at the story of The Naughty Bus. The children have been developing storylines in their pretend play with our role play bus station and bus.

Then today we have had a very exciting Welly Walk to find buses in our local town. We even found red buses just like The Naughty Bus.