Fire and safety afternoon

This afternoon the fire service came to our class. They were talking to us about the dangers of fires and smoke. They showed us quite a few videos about what you should do when there is a fire. After that they took us outside to a smoke tent. What fun it was. They sprayed some disco smoke into the tent. The fireman told us to duck down slowly because that way, we can see a clear path to exit safetly. Then he sprayed some more smoke inside the tent. We slowly made our exit. Next, after we got out of the tent, all the smoke floated out. The fireman organised us for a photo and he handed us bracelets that light up every time we move. The best part was when we got given the yellow bracelets. Sadly the firemen had to go at the end of the day. We had fun and we learnt how to stay safe as well. When we get home we are going to tell our families how important it is to have 3 steps on how to keep safe when there is a fire. It’s important to be ready for a fire.



Yesterday we went on the playground and tested our parachutes. We climbed the buccaneer tower and used an egg as our passenger.  We went in group order and found out that team five’s parachute was the best because their egg did not fall out of the cup. It was eggsellent! But some of the group’s eggs had fallen before we even tested them. Team five’s parachute opened and created lots of air resistance and started to blow away from Neive’s hands. Whilst we were doing the experiment it was a very windy day. While Luis was climbing up the buccaneers tower he dropped his egg in the middle of the basket.

It was eggtastic!

Traffic Lights

As part of our transport topic we have been looking at vehicles that travel on the road and how they know when to stop and go. We looked at the different colours of a traffic light and learnt about what they meant. We then made our own traffic light biscuits! We mixed all of the ingredients together and rolled the mixture into a rectangle shape and decorated them. 


Wood Wednesday

This week in ‘Wood Wednesday’ we made our own bird feeders. In groups, we made one with a cup around it and one without and discussed which one we thought the birds would prefer and why. 


Talk for Writing

Every Wednesday afternoon we have a Talk for Writing session in our class. Our story this half term is The Little Red Hen. We have started to create a story map to help us retell the story in our own words. We have also looked at the different characters in the story.  


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On Thursday we did a science experiment about Mass and weight. To do this we had to use force meters. This also helped us understand more about gravity. The force meter was invented by Isaac Newton who also invented newtons.

Drama Day

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On Tuesday we had a session of drama with Brian. We did some warm ups: pretending to be waiters, sitting on cold custard and blaming someone for putting glue on our chair. Next we performed a play about World War 2 during the Blitz. We ran in to the underground station to get away from the bombs. Some of us were late and were ushered in to the station by Wardens (Samir and Millie). The Station Master (Kieran) was really grumpy. Courtney had a cat with her. It was really fun. We all had a part in the play and we really enjoyed it.

Wood Wednesday

This week we went up into the woods to work on our physical development. We all completed an obstacle course where we had to run, crawl, hop and catch. We also had lots of fun playing parachute games, we had to listen very carefully for our names and swap places with Miss Carter! 

Mobile phone cases

Yesterday, class 6 spent the day finishing their phone cases. We learnt how to sew a running stitch, a back stitch and a blanket stitch. After that we began to assemble our phone cases. It was a lot of hard work, pinning, drawing round and cutting our designs out and that was before we then had to sew it all together.

We think they have turned out brilliantly – but what do you think?