Year 2 Science Week

Our week continued…. we made pinball machines and then we conducted a nappy investigation.

We sorted materials to see if they were strong, absorbent or waterproof.
We made our nappies out of 3 layers and then we tested them.
We wanted to see if they were suitable for purpose or if they leaked…we had to be brave to test them. It was great fun!
Some people got a little wet!!

Mechanism Madness

As part of our Mighty Machine Day we investigated mechanisms such as levers and linkages…look at what we made.

We made mechanisms that made our pictures shake hands.
Some of our people wave hands.
We started our Mighty Machines..pinball machines using cardboard and a hot glue gun. We can’t wait for the next stage! Can you spot our trigger mechanism?

Science Week in Year 2

On Monday International Women’s Day, we learnt about female scientists such as Mary Anning and ecologist Dr Margaret Lowman.

On Tuesday we investigated Biomimicry. We looked at inventions linked to birds and flight.

We made moving birds to explore how birds flew.
We tested them out!

Then we made helicopters to investigate how they flew, it was different from a bird as they floated down.

We tried to improve a basic design.

Then we designed and made paper planes. They flew differently too, they glided through the air.

We had a lot of fun improving our paper plane designs!