Learning about Parliament

This afternon Year 5 and 6 participated in a workshop all about parliament. We learnt about the Houses of Parliament and the House of Lords and how they debated on laws. We learnt that when a law is made the bill is passed from one house to the other until they agree on it. This is called parliament ping-pong. We conducted a debate on whether children should be made to walk to school at least one day every week. The speaker (Rohan) was allowed to choose people to put forward their opinion. Once all the suggestions had been put forward, we cast our vote. There were 17 ayes to the right and 20 no’s to the left.

The Solar System

Today Year 5 mapped out the distance from the sun to each planet. We used toilet paper, with each sheet representing 10 million km. Earth is 150,000,000 km from the sun with Neptune being 4,500,000,000 km. Many of us didn’t realise that the planets weren’t evenly spread across the solar system.

Space Pictures

In Year 1 we have been learning about space and what it looks like. We created some pictures for our new role play area. We looked at an image and picked out the colours that we wanted to use and then we mixed them together to create a background. Once we had done this we then created our own space rockets using different shapes and working on our scissor skills. The children were able to name the shapes they had used to create their rocket.