Fun at Nursery

The children have been busy learning through the topic and theme of Marvellous Me.

The children have painted self portraits and talked about who is in their family. They have drawn pictures of their family.

The children have also started to learn to count to 5 using the theme of Seasons. The children have used hand prints to create different trees.

Space Pictures

In Year 1 we have been learning about space and what it looks like. We created some pictures for our new role play area. We looked at an image and picked out the colours that we wanted to use and then we mixed them together to create a background. Once we had done this we then created our own space rockets using different shapes and working on our scissor skills. The children were able to name the shapes they had used to create their rocket.  

Knock Knock Open the Door!

Year 1 have been looking at the book ‘Knock Knock Open the Door’. After reading the story and discussing what animal was behind each door we then worked in groups to mind map who could be behind the last door. The children came up with some wonderful ideas including a polar bear, a bee and even a superhero! The children then wrote their predictions in their books.


Asking Questions!

This week Year 1 have been looking at how we ask questions. As our topic is animals and we have been looking at the story ‘The Lion Inside’ we thought it was important to pretend to be a mouse and ask the mouse some very important questions. We asked the mouse things like ‘Why are you on my rock?’ and ‘What do you like to eat?’

House Team Art Event

On Friday all of the teachers and children split into house teams and took part in an art day. Each team picked a different focus, one did tin forest, another did animals, Alice in Wonderland and paper dolls. It was a great day and everyone enjoyed themselves!

The art work looks amazing, if you get chance take a few minutes to take a look!

Sensory Wheelbarrow

Nursery have currently been creating their very own sensory wheelbarrow for a competition. They decided they wanted lights and strawberries within the wheelbarrow. They have been able to plant the plants and have been watering the garden daily.

Creating Shape Pictures

This week preschool have been learning about 2D shapes. We have looked at a circle, rectangle, square, triangle, diamond and a star. We have completed a shape hunt and even created shapes using string. Lastly, we have created our very own shape pictures using all the shapes we have learnt about.