Stone Age Art

This week we went to the forest to explore how Cave paintings were created. We made our own paint brushes with sticks, feathers, moss and leaves. We also made different coloured paints from nature: charcoal, chalk, crushed leaves and mud. We used modern methods to recreate; Cueva de las Manos – The Cave of Hands (Argentina) . It is fascinating to think about how long ago some of these images were created and consider what they tell us about the Stone Age times.

Blood, blood, glorious blood

Today in Year 6 we have learnt all about blood. We started with plasma, which is yellow in colour. When we added the red blood cells it turned the blood red. These carry oxygen, nutrients and water around the body. Next we added white blood cells, whose job it is to take the waste away. Finally, we put platelets in the mixture. These clot our blood and heal wounds.