Billy Bob Buttons

Today we’ve been really lucky to have a visit from an author. Billy Bob Buttons has written lots of books and taught us about characterisation. He helped us use similes and metaphors to tell our readers about characters. We also used our senses to describe them. We learnt that it is important to make our characters seem real.

Testing materials

This afternoon in year 2 we got out the ramps, cars and a range of materials to test which material would encourage the car to go the furthest. We made sure it was a fair test by keeping the car, the height of the ramp and person the same. We found that the best materials were plastic and foam as the car travelled the furthest. We recorded our attempts out of 10 into a tally chart and wrote a conclusion to summarise our learning.

As well as this Mrs Barnes went baking with 5 children, they made rice infused with cardamom pods and poached pear with cinnamon sticks and saffron. The class were able to have a try and thought it was deliciouS.

This week in Reception – w/b 18.3.19

Some of the children have had the opportunity to work with our school therapy dog – Coco.

In our Maths work this week we have been using the part part whole representation to solve addition number problems.

In our Science work we have been continuing with learning about different materials.  We have learnt about what objects are magnetic.  We went on a magnetic hunt using magnets.



Building bridges

On Tuesday afternoon Year 3 were given the task by Mrs Isherwood to make suitable bridges to go over different animal pens at the zoo! The children had to work collaboratively in groups to carefully plan the size their bridge would need to be as well as ensuring it was strong enough to hold high volumes of visitors.

This formed part of one of our crest award tasks, to finish it off we made a bridge using 5 pieces of a4 paper as a group to see how strong we could make it. We managed to make it strong enough to hold our raffle ticket tub.

Science celebration assembly

On Wednesday morning we had an assembly to share and talk about all of the learning and activities we had done throughout science week.

It was really interesting to hear and see what a fantastic job all of the classes had done. Mrs Daley was particularly impressed with the way there were lots of cross curricular links to all of the other subjects including English, Maths, PE, forest schools and many more. Thank you to everybody for all of their hard work and to the children for sharing their fantastic learning.

A huge well done to our competition winners! Ethan from reception, Zac from class 4 and Cesare from class 4. The competition was to design and make a poster for British science week linked to the topic of  journeys. We had some fantastic entries. If you didn’t notice the competition make sure you check on future newsletters for this information.


Science Week

Last week was Science Week and we completed lots of different activities and challenges. On Wednesday we completed 4 different experiments and then showed our parents how to do them in Thumbs up Thursday. On Friday, we completed experiments under the theme of journeys, which was the focus of this years’ Science Week. We constructed ramps and rockets and also tested different materials. We had to write a prediction for each experiment and the concluded what actually happened. Even our cooking sessions with Mrs Barnes were science themed and as we made cake representations of the solar system.


Science week in year 4

We had a super week of science and investigated lots of different things.

we thought about how the length of a helicopter’s blades could effect how well if flew.


We considered how we would make it a fair test and made accurate measurements

Olivia and Talula thought about the different types of exercise that would keep our bodies fit and healthy

We investigated the idea that if you drop a piece of toast, it will always land butter side down!

We tested to see if the height it was dropped, the size of the piece of the variety of topping made  difference to this theory.

We have also bought about how finger prints are taken. We experimented with a range of different of different ways to see which gave us the clearest and mot detailed print.

A Busy Week in Reception – w/b 11.3.19

It has been a very busy week in Reception! It has been Science week and the children have been investigating different materials linked to our story of The Three Little Pigs.

We started the week sorting different materials

In PE this week we have been performing our gymnastic skills we have learnt over the term so far.


We have finished the week by investigating the best material to make a house for the three pigs.  Some children used straws to make their houses, some children used sticks, and other children used bricks to make their house.  Once the children had made their houses The Big Bad Wolf came and tested them out, by trying to blow them down.

We found out that the strongest material were the bricks and the wolf couldn’t break the houses.

We have shared our Science investigations with our parents this week too!