Special visitor

This afternoon, Year 6 were treated to a special visitor. One of the buzzards we frequently see flying above the trees at school, landed on the roof and sat for quite a while. It was surprising at how large it was and it’s wing span was impressive as it flew away.

What a knight!

On Wednesday, the Year 6 children put on an amazing performance of “What a knight!” There was singing, dancing and corny jokes galore! The children did themselves proud and the audience rewarded them with rapturous applause!

Cadbury’s World

We had an amazing time at Cadbury’s World yesterday. We learnt about where chocolate originates from – the Aztecs and Mayans first discovered cocoa beans and made them into a drink.

Then we learnt about the history of Cadbury’s. The company built a whole village for their workers including a school.

We learnt about the Cadbury’s brand and how every milk chocolate bar has the colour purple on it. One section of the tour was all about advertising and the characters they have used. We recognised many of them, which shows how powerful advertising is.

One of the highlights of the day was tasting the melted chocolate! Writing our names in chocolate was trickier then we thought.

Our final activity at Cadbury’s World was the 4D experience where we went on a chocolate roller coaster ride. It felt so real and we even put our hands in the air went we went hurtling down a dip.


Learning about Parliament

This afternon Year 5 and 6 participated in a workshop all about parliament. We learnt about the Houses of Parliament and the House of Lords and how they debated on laws. We learnt that when a law is made the bill is passed from one house to the other until they agree on it. This is called parliament ping-pong. We conducted a debate on whether children should be made to walk to school at least one day every week. The speaker (Rohan) was allowed to choose people to put forward their opinion. Once all the suggestions had been put forward, we cast our vote. There were 17 ayes to the right and 20 no’s to the left.

Change starts with us ……..

last week we celebrated anti-bullying week with a theme of ‘change starts with us’ we though about how we could make our school community a happier place for everyone.

It was lovely to see the children focusing on being kind, paying each other compliments, offering support, praising effort and SMILING! The children have made a pledge to make a small change to their behaviour in school that could make a huge difference to someones day.

The children also wore odd socks to celebrate diversity and to highlight that we are all  unique and special.