A week in Year 4

This week we have all been working incredibly hard and expanded our knowledge so much further.

English we have spent the week building our descriptive writing skills based on our class story of Romulus and Remus, many of our final pieces have gone up onto our WOW Wall.

History has now brought us to the woman who fought back against the Roman invaders, Boudica. We were able to learn who she was and why the Celts found her an inspiration and how the Romans found her one of the most challenging obstacles in their path to power.

Art has lead us to continue to improve our artistic skills by blending colours into developing our upcoming landscape project based on the work of J.M.W. Turner. In addition to this we have been exploring the life of the artist himself.

We were lucky enough to celebrate our charity event with our McMillian Coffee and Breakfast morning, inviting parents into school to enjoy their breakfast with the children. With this special day we were able to come into school wearing our pajamas.

Year 4 History – Romans

This week we have been further understanding the Roman Army and why they travelled so far to invade and attempt to conquer our lands. We learnt about how they wanted to make their home away from Rome as well as the tools and equipment that each soldier needed to carry.

We went to the hall to become the Year 4 Roman Army. Scan the QR codes to see our Roman Army forming to take over the school.

Year 4 Science – Habitats

Wow, what an amazing first week back the children have already started to learn new things about the world. This week our first Science lesson took us outside to identify different habitats around our school.

We searched the school grounds for the different places that animals like to call home including: the forest, the allotment, the pond, the trees and even the school field. We then named the animals that call our school home, as well as clarifying that, no teachers don’t live in school.