Chocolate Roman Roads

This week we have been thinking about how the Romans helped to shape our lives today. The Romans were the first to build proper roads in Britain. We had a go at making our own Roman Roads, but a much more interesting version! If you would like to have a go at making your own Chocolate Roman Road then follow the instructions below, written by Charlie Pass:


How to make a CHOCOLATE Roman Road

Have you ever wondered how the Romans built their roads? If yes, then read these instructions and you might be able to make your own tasty, edible version.


What you need:

  • Muesli
  • Fig roll
  • White KitKat
  • Maltesers
  • Oreos

What you do:

  1. First put muesli in the cup. That stands for the rubble that the Romans used at the very bottom, once they had dug a trench.
  2. Secondly put the fig roll in. This is like the layer of concrete.
  3. Next Carefully place the KitKat on top of the fig roll. They are a mixture of stones and concrete
  4. After that, place the maltesers (which are the large stones) and try to make sure that they don’t roll away.
  5. Finally, lay the Oreo biscuit like you would smooth paving stones.


Don’t eat it all at once or you might be sick. Make sure that you share with your friends.

Whole school ramble for Children in Need

What a super Friday we have had at Marlfields!

We all went on a walk around Astbury Mere to raise money for Children in Need wearing our winter coats and wellies. Coco the therapy dog came with us too, she is such a friendly dog!!

When we got back we had a hot chocolate, a cake and talked about what we had been up to. We were very tired after that so Mrs Bennett and Miss Langford had a peaceful afternoon… yeah right!

Making our own switches.

In Science club this week to link with ‘Switch off fortnight’ the children were given a challenge. The challenge was to make a circuit and then create a switch using household materials. The children used tinfoil, paper clips, split pins and card to do this. They all did a fantastic job and had fun too!

Hand print of kindess

In nursery today we talked again about being kind and ways in which we can look after our friends.

The children said we could do this by;

  • playing with their friends,
  • having kind hands,
  • looking after their friends if they are sad
  • listening to their friends.

We all put our hand prints on a heart to show that we join together as a class.

Odd socks

In Nursery we have been joining in with anti-bullying week. We came in on Monday wearing odd socks and on Tuesday created our own odd socks. We said that although we are all different and like different things we should always be kind and look after each other!


This week is anti-bullying week, with the theme of ‘Respect’.

On Monday, we all wore odd socks to reflect differences and in Year One we discussed how we are all the same, but different. We concluded that we are all people, mammals, come to Marlfields and are in Year One, which makes us all the same. Then we talked about how we are all different; we are different people, like different things, look different, sound different and many other ideas. We then all made our own odd sock to represent us and also picked a name out of a hat of someone else in the class. We had to write something nice about the person we picked out on to a leaf to add to our ‘Friendship Tree’ – watch this space for the finished product!

After assembly in the morning all about ‘Respect’ we talked about all of the people we, as people and as individuals respect and added them to our letter ‘E’, alongside our ideas about what respect is.