DT in Year 2

Today Year 2 have spent the whole day crafting, problem solving and sticking to create a Ferris Wheel with the help from Year 3. We started the day by cutting out a template on cardboard and then joined the pieces together to create the frame. The children then created an axel so that the wheel could spin. The children worked in teams to decorate their wheels and finally evaluated their finished pieces. We had so much fun!

Marlfields Prize Giving Assembly

Today the children all gathered in the hall for our school prize giving assembly.

We started off our prizes by celebrating our Foundation Stage and Year 1.

Next came the celebrations for Years 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Our awards consisted of STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths), Music, Commitment and Attitude for Sport, Artist, Reading, Writing and the Ru Morgan Maths.

Each year the staff around the school vote on who throughout the year should win 4 of our most prestigious awards: The Kerry Yarwood Kindness Award, The Shannon Boam Inspirational & Courage Award, Environment Award, School Courtesy Award and finally our Attendance Award.

At the end of our prize giving Mrs Isherwood and Mrs Pearce presented our Year 6 class with a small token for their effort and achievement throughout their time at Marlfields.

Please keep an eye out for this weeks Newsletter for more information.

Special visitor

This afternoon, Year 6 were treated to a special visitor. One of the buzzards we frequently see flying above the trees at school, landed on the roof and sat for quite a while. It was surprising at how large it was and it’s wing span was impressive as it flew away.

What a knight!

On Wednesday, the Year 6 children put on an amazing performance of “What a knight!” There was singing, dancing and corny jokes galore! The children did themselves proud and the audience rewarded them with rapturous applause!

PE Friday!

We had to do PE inside today because of the rain, it was still good fun. We did warm up games and then played Scatterball, which is like Bowling. We all loved it, it’s good fun.

Year 4 – Sound Science

Today year 4 have been experimenting with sounds once again. Last week we learnt that when objects vibrate they create sounds and that the larger the object that vibrates the lower the pitch and the smaller the object that vibrates the higher the pitch.

We have been using our scientific knowledge and enquiry to create a devices which can make different pitches.

Year 5 Crystal Maze

Today some of our lucky Year 5s went to Eaton Bank for the Crystal Maze experience. They were asked to complete challenges using all of their abilities from problem solving, scientific enquiry and even our physical skills.

They had an amazing time and have worked wonderfully including winning the Science task. Just like the real game the children had to then collect token from around the space.

Year 3 Swimming Dance Show

Over the past few weeks the children of Year 3, and a few Year 5 children, have been practicing a dance routine based on the theme of swimming. The children had previously been out to perform their dance with other schools. Toady our parents were invited to come and watch our amazing performance alongside the rest of the school. Thank you to the dance instructors for helping us learn the steps. We have all had a splashing time.

Rotary Club Art Competition

Earlier in the year the children at Marlfields were challenged to create a piece of art based on the monarchy. Each class took a different theme and then 6 from each year were entered into the competition. Two representatives came in to award the children for their amazing effort. Every was given a certificate but three pieces stood out from the crowd and won some amazing art prizes. Well done to everyone who entered.