After School Clubs – KS1 Cooking

This week there was an exciting surprise in the kitchens with the gentle smell of pizza drifting through the corridors.

The group carefully had to spread the tomato purée around their bases. Gently adding a sprinkle of cheese along with options of sausage and tomato.

They were then cooked and within minutes were ready to eat.

There were lots of chances for the children to say “CHEESE.”

After School Clubs – KS2 Cooking

Towards the playground side of the school a familiar smell was drifting through the corridors with the subtle smell of fresh pizzas.

After spreading a generous layer of tomato purée a top their bases the children had a selection of cheese, sausage and tomatoes which they all took turns in preparing for the evening delight.

After a quick spell in the oven, it was time to eat. Even more hungry mouths were ready to enjoy the tasty treats.


The netball team tried really hard in the first league night of the year yesterday. They played Saint Mary’s first, unfortunately losing 5~0 but pulled it back in the second match against Smallwood to get a draw of 0~0.

Great teamwork, netballers! Players’ Player of the matches went to Thomas!

After School Clubs – Allotment Club

As the colder Autumn nights come along and Winter begins to make an appearance it’s time to harvest the last of the crops.

The children began by splitting into two teams, the first to organise and pick the last of the corn and the second to pick the last of the tomatoes.

After the hard work of picking had been done it was then time to add the last of the plants to the compost heap to produce a rich fertiliser for future years crops.

After School Clubs – Performing Arts

This week during performing arts the focus was what could be seen at the circus. The children were asked to mime various scenes they could think of from the circus including, tightrope walkers, strong man, clowns and bicycle acts.

The session then moved onto scene hoping where the children had to hop in and out of a scene to create it their own and manipulating the story as it advanced further.

After School Clubs – Girls Football

This week the team of up-and-coming footballing legends started with some drills including passing, toe taps and passing
After a few rounds of these it was time to move onto the main event. Year 3 vs the rest of the school.
Shots were taken, tackles were made and eventually the scored ended at 2 goals to nothing for the Year 3s.
What a fantastic time everyone had.

Please come a join each Tuesday for an edge of your seat event.