Year 5/6 Football

Tonight Year 5 and 6 boys once battled it out in a friendly and not so friendly football tournament against other Congleton schools. We had a few issues appear out of nowhere such as an injury during our warm-up practice, few unfortunate tackles and a surprise substitute.

The first match was Black Firs vs Marlfields. It was a strong start with Thomas saving a number of goals but from out of nowhere two goals were scored against Marlfields.

Our next match was against Quinta. We fought hard and Reece managed to score an absolute brilliant shot from mid field into the goal. However, after a few more tackles and some more amazing saves Quinta beat us 3-1.

Our third match was against Havannah where after a grueling 10 minutes we were beaten 1-0.

When the team thought that we were all done a sudden shock goal by Isaac suddenly put us up 1-0 against Daven.

This amazing win enabled our Marlfields team to enter the final round of the Viking Cup where we played against Smallwood. After another show of skill we played amazingly but were unfortunately knocked out but we were all so proud of the way the team played.

Thank you to the support of the parents and the amazing skills and advice from the ‘gaffer’ Mr Liew. We are all so proud of our Marlfields team.

Year 4 – Science

Today year 4 ended their half term with a bang, luckily not a real one.

Today we completed our journey of scientific enquiry into the world of electricity. The children were asked to problem solve using their knowledge of circuits and electrical flow to speed up and slow down a motor controlling a fan.

Some groups were able to work out that the circuit needed more volts to speed up the fan and were able to build circuits including two or more batteries. A number of the class were able to slow down the motor by reducing the amount of voltage by reducing the number of batteries. They were able to further this by adding more items which used more more power and therefore shared the voltage. One group managed to go further with their problem solving by adding a number of wires, where we discussed that this created resistance therefore slowing down the speed of the fan further.

Glan Llyn Day 3

Our last day was filled with swimming, rowing and archery. Miss Booth enjoyed a relaxing boat ride whilst Alex rowed with James as captain. Group 2 scored the highest score this week in their archery session. Both groups had time in the swimming pool playing with the floats and balls.

The Glan Llyn staff were exceptionally complementary about the Marlfields’ children behaviour and politeness – well done Year 6. The children have been amazing and tried every activity. It has been a great residential!

Glan Llyn Day 2

Today group 1 started the day learning archery skills. There was a team competition to score the most points and finally a challenge of trying to pop a balloon. Unfortunately, even though some children were close, none actually popped it. Following this, the children practised their mapping skills to complete an orienteering course.

Both groups learnt about bushcraft, toasted marshmallows and popped popcorn on the fire.

The climbing wall showed that we have a number of supermen and superwomen – it became very competitive as to who could reach the top first!

Group 2 started the day with the rope course and the “descender” or otherwise known as the “death drop”. Bravery was certainly necessary doing both of these. After this, group 2 took to the water to learn how to row. Some boats were more successful than others – it was tricky to go in a straight line and not continually spin!

This afternoon, the children all completed a treasure hunt and played ten pin bowling, before showing their best dance moves to DJ Horton’s tunes.

After getting ready for bed and “packing” our bags, we ventured outside to look at the crescent moon and Venus. To finish the night off we watched the International Space Station travel across the sky.

Glan Llyn Day 1

We arrived safely and brought the sunshine with us! After being allocated our rooms and settling in, Group 1 went canoeing and returned quite wet including Miss Booth. They then tackled the high ropes course.

Group 2 completed the orienteering course – some teams were certainly better than others. They then went canoeing with the sole aim of getting Mrs Pearce wet!

After a break, we were introduced to 3 owls. Some children were brave enough to hold them and then lie on the floor whilst Bronwyn flew over them.

Plants in Year 2

This week year 2 have been learning about how to tell if a plant is healthy and what a plant needs to stay healthy. During our snack time, Mr Price very kindly showed us one of his plants a ‘Venus flytrap’. The children discussed how the plant receives its nutrients and how the plant only likes to drink rain water. The children were fascinated when Mr Price showed them how the plant eats a fly!
We then discussed how parts of the plant did not look as healthy and how we knew this. The children explained that the unhealthy parts of the plant are brown and crispy. The children then problem solved to decide what the plant needed and decided it needed more rainwater.

Outdoor Learning

Today was Outdoor Learning day so we took our maths lesson outside. First we played a strategic game called Nim. The aim was to leave your opponent with one item in the pile and then they would lose. Some chuldren worked out the way in which you would always win!

After that we set about an investigation: Is there a correlation between your arm span and the distance you can throw a javellin?

Once we had measured our arm spans, we then measured the distance we could throw a javellin. We then looked at the ratio between those numbers and the difference. We concluded that there wasn’t a correlation but it was dependent on how much “umph” you used!

We finished the morning off with creating chalk patterns inspired by the artist Mondrian.

Outdoor Learning – English and Science

Today the school has celebrated outdoor learning day.
In Year 4 we have been writing poems all about colour. Using the different skills that we have learnt throughout our time on poetry through the years. We then went outside to get inspiration to plan and edit our draft poems.

The children then continued to enjoy their outdoor learning by taking our Science outside.
Following on from our Science on electricity the children were given the challenge to create a switch that could be used similar to a buzzer on a gameshow. It had to be practical and effective but had to be able to transfer to different places. After a rocky start from some groups who were trying to work out which bit of equipment could be used as conductors and insulators we were finally successful with 4 of the groups.
Well done to the perseverance and resilience of those groups who found the challenge a little tricky to problem solve.

Outdoor Learning in Year 2

Today year 2 had a story outside on the school grounds. We read the story ‘Mr Peg’s Post’ and discussed what we predicted the story would be about from the title and blurb. The children then discussed how the book was similar to our text we have been studying in English ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s lunch’ and also discussed the differences.