Year 1 Pumpkin!

Year 1 had a great time creating a spaceship from the pumpkin that we received from the allotment!

We looked at the spaceship in our story ‘Toys in Space’ and created the features of a spaceship from cardboard and tin foil.

Topic work

We have been extremely busy so far in year 4, here are some examples of our topic work.

We have completed a timeline of events, learning about the key events that have taken place to help shape history, found out about Roman soldiers and Roman gladiators and written a set of instructions if how to become a Roman gladiator. In maths we have been learning our Roman numerals so have created a Roman sun dial.

Forest Friday

This morning the children had lots of fun in the forest learning about the seasonal changes of Autumn. The children observed the leaves changing colour and falling off the trees.

The children then had a leaf treasure hunt they had to find a big and a small leaf, a yellow leaf, a brown leaf, and a green leaf. Then we finished off by finding 3 leaves and counting them carefully.

We finished by jumping in the leaves.