Live science lesson

This morning we were lucky enough to take part in a free live science lesson all about space. The children had a tour of a space centre and were taught lots of interesting facts. At the end the children could decorate their own planet however they liked, we think they turned out fantastic.

Year 4 Science

Today the children have finished our topic about changes of state.
We have looked at how solids melt to become liquids and freeze to become solid again, how liquids evaporate to become gases. This lesson we discovered condensation, where it comes from, why does it appear and even attempted to create a mini cloud in the class.

The children had some hot water in a cup which they covered over with cling film, they then put some ice on top to which rapidly cooled the gas creating a mini cloud inside the container which then created condensation. After making the room dark we used torches to observe our experiment.

Picture Frames in Year 2

Year 2 have been very busy making their own picture frames. We firstly looked at what makes a good picture frame. We decided that our frames needed to be made from wood so that they would be strong, and we would use glue to join them. The children then created their own picture frames and painted them!

DT project

As part of our Viking topic the children have researched, designed, planned and made a Viking longboat. We think they look amazing and the children loved it making them in groups. This morning some year 2 children came into class 5 and Amelia and Kira told them all about their moving longboats.

The Feathery Folk

In Early Years today we had some very exciting visitors…. Owls! The children have been learning about Owls using the story of Owl Babies. To finish our topic we arranged ‘The Feathery Folk’ to come into school so we could meet some real owls.