One kind word

Our theme this week for anti-buillying week has been ‘One kind word’. All week the children have thought about what kindness means and how we can all be kind in different ways.

We have done a kindness award too in each class. The children in Class 4 voted and the winner by 10 votes was Scarlett. Me and Mrs Milroy are not surprised as she always comes into school with a smile on her face, trying her best and making sure that all of her friends are happy. We love having you in our class Scarlett.

Let’s go fly a kite…

In Science we have started looking at gases. We talked about how we can’t see all gases and we wondered how we could investigate what we can use them for.

We decided to take a kite onto the field to see if the air outside would help it to fly, we noticed that there is gaps at the top of the kite that let the air in and this then helps them to fly. We also noticed that the faster we ran the higher the kite went and the longer the kite stayed up. We then had some fun with the parachute, we couldn’t see the air but we knew that the air was underneath the parachute when we had lifted it because the shape changed into a dome.


This week it has been ‘barvember’ so as well as our normal Maths lessons we have done more bar models. We have found some of them quite tricky especially the word problems because we have had to read the questions carefully in order to understand how to work out the answers.

Here is some of our work.