Year 4 – Investigate the Digestive System Part 2

Today was out final lesson on Animals including Humans and we finished with a bang or may we say a splash.

Today we recreated the human digestive system using household products. Using a rolling pin to simulate teeth, tube for the esophagus, bag for the stomach and a pair of tights for the intestines we then recreated a typical day.

Starting off with breakfast we used the rolling pin to crush and grind our cereal which was washed down with a glass of orange juice. The children then acted as the muscles to aid in the digestion of food in the stomach.

Next we had a quick snack of biscuits and another quick drink which was shortly followed by dinner consisting of a sandwich, crisps and yet another drink. We all then get a little hungry after a hard day of schooling and we had a few more crisps and few more biscuits followed by some juice. After each meal we had to grind down the food in the same manner our teeth work which is then taken down the esophagus into the stomach.

Next the food moved through to our large intestine which uses muscles to push the food through and onto the small intestine while all the time taking the nutrients out which are needed to help give us energy, help support growth and keep healthy.

The final process is that of excretion. The waste that our bodies can’t use are then expelled from our body for a one way trip down the toilet competing our journey through the digestive system.

Year 4 – Investigate the Digestive System

As the children come to the end of the topic on the animals including humans, the children have been learning about the digestive system. How the teeth are the first process and one of the most important to the stomach and the intestines.
Today we learnt about stomach acid and how our stomach actually works. Taking a jar half filled with red food colouring we simulated the stomach filling with acid in the form of oil. We then added an effervescent tablet to start the stomach acids dissolving process. The children made predictions about what they thought may happen and then it was time to digest.

Dropping the tablet into the make shift stomach they were able to see the effects that take place within their own bodies. We then experimented with different size jars as not all stomachs are the same in size.

Next week the final stages of the digestive system.

Year 5 and 6 Football

This evening a few of our Year 5s and Year 6s went to CHS for a football competition with other schools in Congleton with the help of ‘gaffer’ Mr Liew.

Before the game started the boys began with a friendly warm up.

Our first game was against Buglawton. What a fantastic start for our Marlfield’s group with a win or 2-1.

Our next round was against Quinta and after some dirty tactics from the other team we were beaten 2-0.

Our final round was against Mossley. Our Marlfield’s team played hard and worked hard but unfortunately we were beaten 6-0.

Well done boys you have played amazingly and we are proud of you.

Year 4 and 5 perform at Sing-Fest

Well today was the day!

After months of practicing today was the day that both Year 4 and 5 went to the town hall to perform our Dancers and Dreamers Medley.

A group of our young artists volunteered to sing solos, stepping forward and performing to the best of their abilities.

A huge thank you goes out to all of the people who have helped in making today the success, we can not say how proud of the children we are.

Please enjoy a few snippets of our performance.

Science Week Assembly

Today was the final day of our adventures and exploration of National Science Week.

We celebrated all of the hard work, investigations and research with each other. Starting with showing our exploration of connections followed by our Eco work and how we can help our world and finally our science linked to the classes current topics.

It was evident that we all learnt a lot and showing and celebrating our findings was fantastic to see.

Huge thank you to Mrs Daley and Mrs Isherwood.

Year 4 and Year 3 join forces

Monday 13th March – Science Week Day 1

The children of year 4 and 3 joined forces today to explore the theme of connections and engineering. How could we connect using bridges.

After exploring different bridges in the Year 3 classroom and what features they have and need to include. The children then moved to Year 4 where we learnt that when things are built we have to stick to a budget.
Having a budget of £500 to build their bridges and get resources from the school shop the children then set out to complete their bridges to span a gap of 30cm across two tables and support either people, cars, animals, lorries or trains.

The classes then worked together to complete their build, keeping to their budget as well as working well as teams within the time provided.