Marlfields Celebrates Black History Month

The month of October brings in not only the earlier nights and the colder weather but the celebrations of Black History where we remember everyone who has fought for the rights of the people.

This years theme has been all about ‘Saluting our Sisters’ and each class have studied a famous woman from Black History, looking at their lives, what made them famous and the impact they have had upon the world.

Foundation Stage have been looking at the story of Jo Jo and Gran Gran.
Year 1 studied Dr Mae Jemison.
Year 2 read into the life of Claudia Jones.
Year 3 recorded the ambition of Eniola Aluko.
Year 4 were transported by the refusal of Rosa Parks.
Year 5 followed the work of Maggie Aderin-Pocock.
Year 6 were moved Floella Benjamin.

Year 4 – Art

This week our work on the talents and paintings of J.M.W. Turner came to a close.
The children were given a copy of Campo Vaccino (1839) to extend and add detail to using the styles and techniques used by the painter himself. The children used the blending of tones, shades and water colours, the use of perspective and their knowledge of landscape to produce their extensions of the original image.

Year 4 History – Boudica’s Revolt

This week we have looked at who Boudica was and how influential she was to stopping the Romans from fully invading Britain. Where she came from, how she was involved with the Roman forces and how she was betrayed by the promises the Romans failed to keep.
The children have been writing about the different views that the people had of Boudica from the views of the Celts and from the Romans. After this the children chose a scene from Boudica’s life to re-enact, the children then had to guess the parts as well as the scene chosen by the group.