The last day of the experiment.

Our final day has arrived! We were required to count how many plants were alive. There were 22 plants from the red packet seeds and 29 blue packet plants still alive. We have looked at all the data we have collected and there doesn’t seem to be a clear distinction between the two sets of plants. We’re now excited about finding out the results!

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Final Jack and the Beanstalk Fun!

This week we have been finishing our topic about Jack and the Beanstalk. We have done lots of story telling using our completed story map with words and actions. 

We have also planted our beanstalk plants outside because they have grown so BIG in the classroom. So we can continue watching them them grow in our outdoor area. The children are waiting for beans to grow on the plants so we can have them for dinner one day. 


Toasting marshmallows around the campfire.

To celebrate our ‘All About the Countryside’ topic we made our own campfire! We sat around it and toasted marshmallows whilst singing songs. We then had a go at making our own campsite.


Ship Ahoy!

Here it is… The finished masterpiece! The children decided we should make our own boat. We decorated the boxes, fitted them together, made fish for the sea and made telescopes to look out at sea! 


A musical morning!

This morning all the KS2 children were invited to Congleton Town Hall to be entertained by the Harvestehude Symphony Orchestra, from Hamburg. Their conductor, Hanish Shankar, introduced us to all the different sections and instruments in the orchestra. Millie and Geordan were surprised when they played happy birthday to them. We were able to ask the musicians questions and even some of us had a try at conducting. Apparently, the most important part of conducting is schussing your hair! The orchestra played a 15 minute piece by Brahms. It was a great experience.

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Year 4’s Roman Experience!

On Wednesday, Year 4 went to Chester with Year 3 to find out more about Roman Britain. 

First, we went on a Roman soldier patrol. We each got given a shield and marched to the Roman Gardens. At the gardens, we found out about who could become a Roman soldier and what weapons they used. We soon found out that Elitsa would not make a very good Roman soldier-  she was too young, too short but worst of all, female! Females were not allowed in the Roman Army. 

We then had a go at making Roman Army formations.



After the gardens, we marched to the amphitheater and found out about gladiator fights. Mr Moss and Mr Torr even acted out a gladiator fight for us!  

After lunch, we were shown around the museum and found out about Roman remains in Chester. We then got to play in the hands-on room.

What a great day we had!


Day 28 of the Rocket Seeds life!

Today’s instructions were to find the average number of leaves for each tray. We started by randomly selecting 5 plants in each tray then counting the leaves on each plant. Next we had to add up the number of leaves and divide by 5 to find the average number. Red 1 had 4.6 leaves, Red 2 3.75 leaves, Red 3 4.3 and Red 4 had 3.2 leaves. The blue rocket leaves have slightly more leaves with Blue 1 having 4.6 leaves, Blue 2 3.8, Blue 3 3.6 and finally Blue 4 had 4.25 leaves. Mrs Pearce is slightly concerned that her “not so green fingers” are having an effect on¬†the growth of the rocket seeds. Mrs Camp has brought in more seeds, so that we can grow another batch to test if it is Mrs Pearce’s lack of gardening skills!

image image image image


We have been measuring in Maths, using Giant footsteps and Jack footsteps. The children had to measure how long the table was, how long their tray was, how long a piece of paper is, and how long a ruler is. Some of the children wanted to see how many of the Giants footsteps it would be to Mrs Yoxall in the office. How many do you think it was? 


Dewa Roman Experience 

We had a fantastic day in Chester, learning all about the Romans.  We were all on our best behaviour and really demonstrated how well we can all listen.



We were lucky enough to get to experience playing golf and wow some of us have got a really good swing!  Even Mr Rowe had a go and he wasn’t too bad either.


Playing Rugby

Last week in PE, we were taught how to play rugby! We worked on our catching and throwing skills and also had a go at scoring a try and kicking a rugby ball.