Year 4’s Roman Experience!

On Wednesday, Year 4 went to Chester with Year 3 to find out more about Roman Britain. 

First, we went on a Roman soldier patrol. We each got given a shield and marched to the Roman Gardens. At the gardens, we found out about who could become a Roman soldier and what weapons they used. We soon found out that Elitsa would not make a very good Roman soldier-  she was too young, too short but worst of all, female! Females were not allowed in the Roman Army. 

We then had a go at making Roman Army formations.



After the gardens, we marched to the amphitheater and found out about gladiator fights. Mr Moss and Mr Torr even acted out a gladiator fight for us!  

After lunch, we were shown around the museum and found out about Roman remains in Chester. We then got to play in the hands-on room.

What a great day we had!


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