Easter Egg Hunt

Yesterday, we went on an Easter Egg hunt in the woods! Firstly, we watched a video on the interactive whiteboard to learn what Easter was all about. Then, Miss Carter told us that she had seen the Easter bunny in the woods! So, we had to follow the footprints and arrows the bunny had left to find the eggs.

In our teams, we each had a basket and had to find as many as we could. We then counted all of the eggs in each basket, to work out who had the most and how many more they had compared to other groups. We also decided what we should do to make it fair, with some of the children suggesting we should share the eggs between all of the baskets. The bunny had hidden 18 eggs, but we didn’t manage to find them all so we also worked out how many we hadn’t managed to find. We all worked very well in our teams and made very good use of our mathematical and problem solving skills!


Spring Learning Walk

Last week in our ‘Trekking Tuesday’ session, we went on a walk around the school grounds and the woods to search for signs of Spring. We talked about what we thought we might see and then off we went with our binoculars, buckets, clipboards, magnifying glasses and iPads!

The children pointed out flowers, buds, animals, talked about the weather itself, took photographs using the iPads and also all drew pictures of what they had seen on our journey.


Nursery at Legoland

Last week, we were very fortunate to join the rest of the school on a trip to Legoland! We had so much fun building towers, using different types of lego and even went on the ride. Thank you to everyone who helped out on the trip- we hope that you had as much fun as we all did!


Wednesday Welly Walk in Reception

Today was our last Wednesday Welly Walk in Reception Class.  The children have had lots of different adventures and learning experiences throughout the Spring Term on the weekly walks.

Today we went to visit a cafe.  This was because the children have had a bakery and cafe in our role play area this half term and the children asked if we could visit a real cafe.

We visited Trinity Church Cafe and all enjoyed a drink and a biscuit.

To say Thank You to the people at the Cafe, we made an Easter Card for them.

Legoland fun

On Thursday we were lucky enough to go to Legoland! A huge thank you to Mrs Melville for organising it for the whole school, we had an amazing time!

Today we have continued with the Lego fun in our classroom.

What a fabulous end to the week!


Legoland Adventures

Year 6 had a fun filled day at the Legoland Discovery Centre yesterday. Designing, building and testing individual Lego creations, a variety of rides, ninja training and an amazing 4D cinema entertained them all. Only some were worn out on the way home!

Fun at Lego Land!

What a great day we all had at LegoLand today! From shooting Lego monsters to driving our own Lego police cars, today will be a day we will talk about for a long time! Thank you to our parent helpers, we wwcouldn’t have gone without you! DfvhggghhhhDfff


On Friday some children worked with Mr Rowe to begin planting potatoes in preparation for the RHS Tatton Flower Show.

Remember if you’d like to be a part of the flower show or could offer some help in any way please nip into the office to let us know. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Spectacular Sonic Blaster

We found out that sound waves cause vibrations in our eardrums.

A big enough sound wave can even make some objects move.

We tested this out by using a tube with a small hole in one and plastic covering the other. We tapped the plastic end and saw that it made the Pom Pom move!

We didn’t think it would work with a bigger object as it would be too heavy.



Volcanic eruptions

Year 4 enjoyed their final experiment of the week last week which was ‘Volcanic Eruptions’!

They followed instructions to complete the experiment and it worked.

We found out that without the washing up liquid the volcano wouldn’t have erupted.

Science week in Class 3

We’ve had lots of fun experimenting, as well as developing our investigation skill in class 3 this week.

On Monday we looked at how destructive air can be. We filled the bottle full of hot water then poured cold water and ice over it. After a minute or so the bottle began to crush!!








Did you know that gloop can dance? We made out gloop boogie on Tuesday afternoon.

The he vibrations from the loud music we played agitated the mixture of cornflour and water and made it look like it was dancing .

We followed Miss Booth’s instructions to make gummy worms wriggle on Thursday. We soaked them in a solution of bicarbonateof soda and water for half an hour. Next we dropped a worm into a cup of white vinegar and watched them wriggle to the top.

We finished our week with a bang (literally) this week. The chemical reaction between the bicarbonate of soda and vinegar filled the bag with carbon dioxide until it went BOOM!