Easter Egg Hunt

Yesterday, we went on an Easter Egg hunt in the woods! Firstly, we watched a video on the interactive whiteboard to learn what Easter was all about. Then, Miss Carter told us that she had seen the Easter bunny in the woods! So, we had to follow the footprints and arrows the bunny had left to find the eggs.

In our teams, we each had a basket and had to find as many as we could. We then counted all of the eggs in each basket, to work out who had the most and how many more they had compared to other groups. We also decided what we should do to make it fair, with some of the children suggesting we should share the eggs between all of the baskets. The bunny had hidden 18 eggs, but we didn’t manage to find them all so we also worked out how many we hadn’t managed to find. We all worked very well in our teams and made very good use of our mathematical and problem solving skills!


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