Wibble wobble…

As part of our topic, we have been looking at animals under the sea. We talked about jelly fish and how they wobble like jelly and also about how they can sting you. Then, we made our very own jelly fish!  


Year 5’s Enterprise Week

During our Enterprise week, we asked children to choose which football team they thought would win the Euro 2016 tournament. They could also buy a raffle ticket to win a Euro 2016 football. Children decorated gingerbread men in their favourite football team’s strip and we also made different flavoured slushies. We’ve had a great week and made quite a bit of money.


Empty Classroom Day – Geocaching

On Friday, Year 5 went geocaching around Astbury Mere. We used the geocaching app to find the approximate location. Then using the clues, we hunted high and low for the caches. Mrs Perry became a real expert at finding them. One highlight was meeting a mummy duck and her ducklings. We had a great morning and several of us are keen to go geocaching with our parents.

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Our new topic is ‘ I do like to be beside the seaside’ and we have been learning all about fish! Our new Talk for Writing text is Tiddler and we have started to make our story map to retell the story. We have also looked at a real fish and seen its scales close up and smelt it… Some of us didn’t like the smell too much!   

Olympic Rings and races

During ’empty classroom day’ Nursery and Reception were split into mixed teams and competed in different races, just like we have been learning about for the Olympics. Nursery have also made the Olympic Rings for the whole school display.   

Feathery Friends

Today, all of the Foundation Stage children enjoyed learning more about birds and were able to stroke an owl!   

Making an octopus

 This week we have been using our physical development and maths skills to make an octopus. We started with a circle and folded it to make a semi circle. We then each counted 8 rectangles and attached them to our semi circle for the legs. All of the legs were numbered and we had to add the correct number of dots to each one. Finally, we counted two googley eyes and drew a mouth to complete our octopus 🐙!  

Olympic Artwork 

For our school display about the Olympics we learnt about the 2012 Olympics which were held in London. We worked really hard designing then making our final pictures.  Watch this space for final pieces of work and the finished whole school display. 


What a royal day

We’ve had a lovely day celebrating the Queen’s birthday. We had our picnic lunch on the field and then we finished it off with cake AND jelly. We loved our cake the best as smarties all fell out of it after Mrs Boon had cut it open.  Pictures of the cake to follow…