Volcano Eruptions

This morning Class 3 watched how to make their volcano erupt. They watched as Miss Trussler put some Mentos into a bottle of Coke. She didn’t even have time to get out of the way before it erupted high in the sky! The children absolutely loved watching it as you can hear on our short video!

Irreversible Changes

This week in Science, Year 5 have been learning about irreversible changes. We mixed vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to create a chemical reaction which produced a gas. After this, we shook a jar of double cream to create butter. This again is an irreversible change.

World Religions; The Last Supper and the story of Easter.

This week in our world religion lesson we looked at ‘The last supper’ and how Christians celebrate the holy communion by eating bread to represent the body of Jesus and wine (juice) to represent Jesus’ blood. We also looked at Good Friday and the Easter story in class. This was then followed up with an assembly to help the children understand that Jesus forgave everybody for his sins and died with them in order to give everyone a ‘clean slate’ – this was demonstrated in the assembly by the speaker getting a pie in the face for others mistakes.
We then looked at the rebirth of Jesus and how he resurrected on Easter Sunday and what the Easter egg represents (new life).
Below are some pictures from this weeks lessons and assembly.

Science Week in Year 2 .

This week we have been super busy in Year 2 for Science Week. We have been exploring this year’s theme ‘Time’. First of all we looked at how our planet had changed overtime and how Global Warming is harming our planet. We explored how we could recycle and reuse materials instead of using landfill for rubbish. We have set up an investigation to see how long it will take for different materials to breakdown underground.
We enjoyed a visit from ‘Silly Science’ on Tuesday and on Wednesday we had a virtual lesson with a real life farmer. We found out how baby lambs and calves were fed by their mothers then moved to solid foods. We saw lots of modern farming methods and also worked out how to fix a tractor. Later that day we designed our farms of the future . Some of our designs included bee gardens to pollinate plants, tractors fueled by bio- fuels, solar panels on rooftops… every aspect of our farms considered looking after our planet.
Our favourite lesson was testing different materials for tea bags.
We made tea bags from tin foil, cotton, blue paper towel and plastic. We put 200 ml of water over each bag, for one minute and recorded the shade of tea and the amount of loose leaf’s in the water We noticed stirring the tea had an impact on the colour of the tea and the amount of leaves floating in the drink.
some of our findings surprised us!
Finally we all tried to make a sand timer that would run for exactly one minute – we noticed the size of hole and amount of sand both impacted on the time to run for our timers .

Year 4 Science Week

This week has been British Science Week across the country and our theme for this year has been Time.

We have had an amazing week working on all of the STEM lessons and have all learnt so much.

The week started with an amazing assembly from Miss Jackson to introduce our theme of time and what exciting things had been planned for the school.

Our first experiment was linked to our work on the digestive system. We have been studying our teeth and how they help us but there are things we can do to help our teeth or in some cases instances damage our teeth. We set up a time investigation to see the effects that different liquids have on our teeth including; water, milk, coke, coke zero, fresh juice and energy drinks. However we would have to wait 5 days to see the effects. The children used eggs, as their shells are made of a similar material to enamel of our teeth, we then made predictions and were shocked to see the results after 5 days.

After the 5 days the children discovered that putting the eggs in water and milk helped to make the shell stronger. The energy drink and fresh juice had made the outer shell rot away and the energy drink made the shell so soft it broke immediately.

The children had a surprised visit from Professor Price a Silly Scientist. She taught us about energy transference, gravity, air flow and many more scientific discoveries.

What an amazing week we have had we have thought about and had so many discussions about the future including painting our interpretation of the year 2050.

Thank you to Miss Jackson and Mrs Isherwood for arranging all these amazing treats for us.